15 April 2009

boy meets misslikey

Last weekend I was having a coffee break with my Californian friend and she absolutely amazed me with her outfit; plaid blue-long sleeves-cotton shirt with washed blue denims on flats, all spiced up with Chloé boyish haircut. You know what is Chloé haircut, right?
Boy meets misslikey item no 1
Oh gosh you must think this misslikey is total luser, plaids are awfully passé, pleaaaaase?! But see I was thinking more on navy plaids not channeling on Kurt Cobain.
Since my friend reminded me on one of the girls from Trovata's lookbooks which is always my office eye-mask, I picked Trovata's Solano Button-Down shirt as THE ITEM. Very lovely for preppy boyish but still femminine look we adore.

Available at boutique Jac for 140$
Why I heart Trovata; each season has fictional story that inspires collection
and cause John Whitledge is totally cute surfer.

boy meets misslikey item no 2
My cutest spring item are startas sneakers. I call them fusion between canvas and converse. I am total fan of white ones and proudly I can say startas are from misslikey's country. I think soon they will be available online and prices are really beyond low.

Photo credit lomodeedee on flickr and photobucket
p.s. I was working for a really long time with my hairdresser on long sleek hair and guess what; p.i.s.s. now I want boyish Chloe haircut. Did you read Plum Sykes article in March Vogue called the Bold Shoulder?? There are rumors that you even don't need to do a blowout anymore!!


Anonymous said...

OMG missy...well thanks for the compliments...i wish my hair looked like the model's hair though...hehe...yeah thats just too much to ask for...anyways...i love you !!!!!

Meg said...

I did read Ms. Syke's little essay on her recent hair cut, along with the likes of Kate Moss and a select few others.

I am all over (what we call) the "middle school boy" haircut, and what we called the "surfer/skater hair" in the 80-90s. I hope you find a nice balance between the two styles you wish to achieve.

BTW I added you on my little style blog, and am truly enjoying poking about here through yours. Great stuff, Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Bought mine last year when they were like 10$..nowdays r 15$..and available in black color..startasicama po svijetu..
kiss, maya

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