07 May 2009

misslikey at lagoona beach

I’ve read somewhere old interview of Lauren DuPont, famous New York socialite and girl in style where she was asked what three items would she choose if she is stranded on some island. Don’t you despite those kinds of questions?! All of our lives we are tortured with choose word. Please. There's no necessity of answering on that. Lauren did answer like a true fashion diplomat; ˝Forget it. I would find a way to get off the island. That’s one island I don’t want to be on.˝
Since the season of brain torturing where to go what to do is coming somehow I am most thinking of Robinson’s Cruise type of getaway. Not just me, but lot of people lately are on personal with edgy trends that sometimes you really think is that all trashy and ripped clothes result of our states of minds. I mean we look like we are partying all the time. Should we put are minds in state of serenity sometimes? I mean I am socialite type of girl but every now and then it comes out my animalistic instinct of running. That’s probably reason of those weird dreams. And when I am running somewhere first thing I want to know is what place looks like so I can be in harmony with surrounding. That is our fashion animalistic instinct. Google is really a blessing. And you know, getaway on desert island isn’t that bad dream at all. My first allusion on abandoned island is Lagoona Beach. Don’t you worship that movie? Chic of nature where Brooke Shields stands in the sand in tiny little outfit with wind waving her hair. Since I would be on my desert island for couple of days I surely won’t have time to make my clothes like Emmeline and Richard. This year summer collections weren't filled with that earth touch like past years. You do remember a last year raffia sandals from Stella McCartney? Stella McCartney. Oh gosh I mention that name so many times that she is probably dreaming about me while having a nap in Hyde Park. Stella Stella
my deserted island must have list
Don't you adore the outnet of netaporter? Some fab buys can be found there, like this Stella's raffia flat sandals

Summer essential...white dress..use chiffon or cottoned shirt, dress, or long tee to be one minute chic

On the market now

Marc by Marc Jacobs Devore cotton dress on netaporter, cream dress with the ruffles found on polyvore , Alexander Wang long tee dress from lagarconne, crystal on chain neklace is from Bona Drag

This year I more into vintage swimmwear than ever. I love this ruffled vintage look like bikini from Anthropologie
and the beauty from Herve Leger for Max Azria is goody. Sure Richard would love to see that on Emmeline
p.s. Please don't fill your little heads with unuseful information, better watch them from the sun. Straw hats can be find on every market or store with the swimmwear so please bring your hat on le vacation especially if you are going on island!
How could I even forget...Where to pack all this kind of goodies? Moi fell in love with this navy striped weekend bag from Accessorize. This bag is icon, whether you use it like weekend or beach bag.

p.i.s.s. Hm Hmm so next time someone ask you what would you take on desert island list your list. Since I don't have enough space for more photos on list includ; avanturistic mood, chic long silk scarf, good book or cute boy.
And once again LOVE you all for reading misslikey

first photo is of rising star model Edita Vilkeviciute by Wendy Bevan.Photo is feautered as Photo of the day at fashingonerogue
Girl with the hat is from beyond charming
Anna&Boy catalogue


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