01 June 2009

Something borrowed, something blue, and something new; A Blushless Dress

I remember the statement that Slavka, my second mum and among the others, the person that most influenced my life in fashion, used to repeat to me;"I don't want to hear from you, you'll get married, even once, and you can divorce two days later. I don't care." Laughing and waving with scissors in my hand, in one of those breaks of converting her laced leather jacket into the clutch bag on her couch, I talked back to her; No S, I don’t want to be debutante divorcee, actually I want to be a runaway bride.
Years after, since Vera Wang didn’t sense my desire to cotton on my wish of a gown paired with laced converse, I’ve decided not to run. I cannot wear Nike Airs. No! I just can’t. So I decided I’ll get married one day.
For a girl that only hunted to have husband when she saw Stephanie Seymour in November Rain, and as rebellious teenager was identifying wedding dresses with Madonna’s Like A Virgin uniform, I can sometimes be pretty dangerously critical about weddings and all of its features. And I used to say that I feel guilty because I am not one of those girls but at the end thoughts about the dress make me one of those girls. Are you with me?
World, spinning fast, every now and then can be harsh and beyond we are independent, we are all souls with passion to love and be loved. And you don’t get married with anyone so you don’t want either end up wearing anything; you want to be sexy, sophisticated and refined but beyond it fragile. And there is just one tiny hitch; you do like sweets but Christ you don’t want to look like a cupcake on the day in your life when you are supposed to look like goddess. But everything out there gives you itches even when you think of the wedding dress.
That is when I spotted blushless dresses and I thought; Wow, maybe one day I’ll get married, and I really meant that.Girl behind blushless, really turns independent girl into the princess; that is rebellious but amoreuose in the same time. Since I like to dig behind the scene, I found very interesting story. So may be that the reason of designing avant-garde wedding dresses for modern brides are some of her New York friends' weddings? You know; those people we really adore; all really cool, independent, rocking ladies and gentlemen, musicians or artists. Or the reason was that there are not many choices to choose from for creative and independent girls like her?
Whatever the reason is, girl behind blushless is genuine visionaire, because Liv got to distinguish that world was missing something. I was a bit suprised that someone has her own fashion line at the age of 25, but Liv gave me respond like a true fashion diplomat;
"25 is not that young to start a business, I guess...and you have to be still crazy to do it. Alex Wang had great support from his family. Two relatives managed his label from the beginning in a professional way."
Curious as I am I was same about the word blushless and she clarifies; "Blushless means shameless, but sounds better! I was looking for a sexy word with a strong meaning!Especially when it comes to weddings, women often feel pressure to fit in this stereotyped old fashioned bridal-princess model, I wanted to say: be blushless; don’t be ashamed of being yourself; be daring, be different, be you!"
Don’t you already adore her? She makes me want to start calling her The Great Wang of the wedding dresses.

New blushless collection found its inspiration in Wild At Heart, movie by David Lynch, and all of her lovely wild girls. Fashion is not all about clothes, so in general what inspires her are mostly people and the stories behind them; life in general, big cities and strong women.
Designer itself told me when it comes to role models she hearts few of them; Martin Margiela, clever Stella McCartney, glamorous Viktor & Rolf, Rebel like Vivienne Westwood and arty and fabulous fashion design like ThreeAsFour.
Yet Blushless is a young label (she is still looking for a business partner), Liv has a vision and feels the moment in time. In this design of not ordinary wedding dresses, there is a great amount of the touch for the societal order and still she is able to keep the beauty of what wedding dress it should be; lovely and one of the kind.
p.s. Find out more about the world of avant-garde wedding dresses on blushless and on Liv’s blog
p.i.s.s. When it comes to fashion carry on with picking vintage, but when it comes to love pick only haute. And no matter what will you choose first, dress or husband, they both have to be haute. And they both need to match your personality. That is what blushless is all about; Keeping your personality. And no doubt Liv is gifted to do that.


becca mason said...

as one of liv's new york friends, i have watched this extraordinarily talented young lady explode with passionately wrought design. she is real and true to the nature of creation, unveiling a sense of fearless femininity. she inspires with her life. i am excited to the core for her and the launch of her new line blushless! more importantly, i am thrilled for the day that i make my grand entrance wearing lovely liv's deliciously sexy design...BLUSHLESS!!!

Dream Sequins said...

These are fantastic, and I'm happy that you featured her designs on your blog! I first read about her designs on thecoveted and am happy to see her getting recognized!

Paradis said...

Your blog is great!!!

Couture Carrie said...

These pieces are truly ART! Gorgeous!


Hek said...

So stunning pictures!

Anonymous said...

nice pics!

maverickandlove said...

that heart dress is amazing- its super cheesy, but so cute! also the silhouette and structure of the last dress is amazing!


Peter Breese said...

Magnificent images and a nice discussion. You've taken me back to my wedding day when I watched my beautiful bride walk down the isle. Thank you.

August Casati said...

great post --- it would be even greater if you followed yours truly :)


Grace said...

My first time hearing about her. I am in love. Thanks for sharing.

Love Grace.

Haute World said...

Terrific post! Those dreesses are incredible and I agree that there is definitely a lack of more avant-garde exiting wedding dresses on the market. When I looked for my wedding dress last year, it was such a headache and the first place I went to, did in fact only have cupcake dresses! Thankfully I found something more unique later on. It's a special day and girls should be wearing a special dress... not something typical we've seen a million times before!

loft in SoHo said...

Lovely images!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing dear,