05 December 2009

On Aura Tout Vu

With the name that in French means you think you’ve seen it all seems that On Aura Tout Vu used good old fashion lawn of nonentity of enough and unveiled what they have to show. Approximately fifteen-year-old French fashion house was first creator- provider of garments for couture and ready to wear houses on relation Givenchy-Galliano and few others, before they started creating their own collections as also collaborations (including Chopard). They debuted with haute couture shows in 2002, as invited members of Federation francaise de la couture. Apart from couture,rest of collections are not any less haute; ready to wear, accessories (my left wrist is absolutely crying for their bracelets) and various lines of products such as for home, offices to high-tech goodies. If they thought of geeks obsessed with jewels on their computer boo-boos in very out of the ordinary way, with things like smoker accessory they enchanted and in the same time made regular smoker as me sad, because their bejeweled cigarette box makes pack of my fav smokes so ashamed that even I cannot look at them anymore. I won’t mention my ashtray and what On aura tout vu did to it (not that we are promoting smoking here on misslikey- bad, very very bad thing)

When you see all this kind of goodies under the same name, you become suspicious about it- that is chronic after-after effect of all those infant prodigies characterized by volume of avocations in the same line(don’t expect I am mean and don’t think of relationship LiLo-Ungaro)
Questioning about it? Of course you do- how is possible-where are they getting ideas-how many designers these people have, and you close it with very very strange! Realized that in fact is not so bizarre, when I dig a bit- Maison is trinity of people with background in jewelry, graphic design and fashion. Impact of those versatile contributions is very visible in their designs. Every time you see this kind of synergy in a world of fashion, you have to recognize something excellent is coming out of it. Synergists pay very attention on details, which is sometimes elementary key to everything.
And On aura tout vu surely has a very developed sense for detailing, fabrics as products. Seams that except great creativity and ideas, everything is planned very well, so even foliage attached on the gown, is thickened in translucent material like foil.
Foret enchante, last collection, part of Paris Couture Accessories was celebration of nature, very vision of romantic, happy magical garden with all the elements of same; trees(attached to dresses, as bang handles, brushwood around models hands), feathers and bird songs as background melody. If it is display of secret world that popped out from pages of old fairy-tale, models are not the little flying beards, they are delightful dryads.
What I felt from On Aura Tout Vu except proper tailoring and sense for society is great dose of alternative, big independence in design which is hard to have in fashion maison nowadays, with lot of freedom in artistic creation, everything sprinkled with magic dust.
On aura tout vu, as they tattled on their web (which won my award for best internet along with Hermès), certainly loves to distort fashion and glam. And yes we haven’t seen it all until we saw On aura tout vu.

photos via; Reuters, telegraph, daylife, oatv facebook group


L.P said...

I really love your blog! Very beautiful. Hugs

L.P said...

Answer, Oh, if you want I can write my posts in English as well? .. then you can read and I think you will understand better what the text is about. What du you thing about that? :)
And thank you so much for your compliment about the shoes. I got them from my sister so I unfortunately don't know where she bought them. Hugs.

Haute World said...

Looks like such a fabulous couture line! I love the images of the whimsical and romantic creations in those pictures. It really does look like a fairytale!

Mai said...

I love this brand so much!

Anonymous said...

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