19 December 2009

Pursuit of sweater

When we talk about seasonal types, weather and favorites I must say winter is certainly not one of mine prefers. I like to consider myself as early spring (autumn) type, and that might be just because I don’t know how to dress appropriate in winter. Every time I go out of “warm baby its cold outside” inside,I return very frozen and with headache. Is really the term of fashionista statement for a victim?
Or maybe is true what some are tattling around- that people that live inside of fashion don't know how to dress proper?
The case of my closet is one season,In not meaning of throwing away after one season (oh gosh that is harsh), more of inability of distinguishing summer from winter clothes (that is way too cruel if you ask me. That is what makes my mother style very different from one I have, but in the same time is creating those frozen moments of which she if sees me would suffer hearth-don’t try to save me this time-attack. But I sincerely, don’t have much of idea how to match fur coat or heavy winter coat on boots. That’s why canvas on fur, ballerina flops or oxfords on coats, is what I wear the most. I can hardly imagine wearing boots in winter (only person that comes to my mind looking gracious in combination is Carine Roitfeld), or not buying summer dresses in winter.
Last week in my obsessive compulsive behavior inspired by Margot when I was smoking while having a bath or doing my nails, I wore long plaid dresses on faux fur coat. This week I am not feeling The Royal Tenenbaums any more, I just want to feel warm. But I am not finding any of that kind of items in my doors to Narnia.
All of my knitted vests are cardigans, long, cut or oversized, and they are not woolen but cottoned. Woolen dresses are all short sleeved, and they match silk blouses and white cotton shirts. There is sign of warm woolen sweaters in my backup places, but since they are very itching factor, I doubt they’ll ever look up the daylight. It’s normal that in inspirations-less moments in layered clothing behavior, girl at least needs three decent warm pieces of clothes. Not three layers of spring shirts. And on fall runaway, seems that it was only Marc Jacobs ( Missoni is exception) that didn’t want for us to catch a cold.

“Definitely I need more warm clothes”, announces she and thinks thrilled about Monday when she will finally go shopping. And this year in pursuit of sweater she will forget about fair, isle patterns and Marc Darcy’s Christmas sweater as inspiration and won’t get carried away with festive spirit, she is determined. Rather something very fine and bonnie. And wearable after Christmas.
So she makes her To Decide List

Phillip Lim gray cardigan, is not real sweater, but with peach ribbons is like first crush, not woolen but combination of cotton and polyester seems to have bit richer knit. Little disadvantage is dry cleaning. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony leopard unisex pullover except of softness by woven angora seems wearable on boots (never know)
Knitted cardigan with the look of real sweater in cobalt color with black polka dots as celebration (once again) of Minnie, is a little shorter but black chemise would take care of that.(80s purple)
Flowers in winter are heart melting. Floral cardigan is absolute favorite but sweater also, especially if is like this one with flower apps from nasty gal (who would say Roseanne and other 80-90s sitcoms stars would become icons?). One more angora lovely is coming from vintage nasty gal, this time in ivory very snow flake look with floral patch in front. Luella’s cashmere is always very hardly irresistible with its luxury glance so also ends up on thinking list (cashmere is not just warm cause of word cash in it). Of course topshop's charming sweaters are on audition.

But today, she will wear high wasted skirt on tights with over-knee socks. Black all over. On top she transforms topshop dress with flower applications into short sleeved top. She chooses cardigan and sandy-beige cape over the fur. "Its cold out there, would I go for boots (maybe lace-up) rather", she asks the mirror? "No, its casual weekend getaway", she says and puts beloved black canvas on her feet. Except they are totally cozy, they are transparent- and reminder of her luck in sale catches. “Snow storm is not totally big as I thought”, she utters while enters car. And her friends are once again totally tripping with annoying “who wears skirt on snow “exposition. When will they stop grumbling?!

first photo via totally addicting TURNED OUT


Noelle + Kendall said...

Love love love that phillip lim sweater!

-N + K

Dorje said...

like the blog makeover!!!

Olivia Liem said...

gosh, love all those sweaters..

Janelle Erika said...

haha i have the same dilemma in winter. though winter fashion is somewhat sexy, i prefer autum/summer seasons best myself. those cardis are cute! btw lovely blog xx

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