27 January 2010

covet shop

Covet is one more shop bookmark for dilettantes of current or vintage designer goodies at reasonable prices, as those with constantly opened eyes for vintage Alaïa or Chanel catches.
Intention of the founders, charming NYC couple was not only to create profitable online shop but beneficial to economy, so they offer consignment portal through which you can sell your old designer goodies you don't wear anymore. The money stays in industry and that is a philosophy we support, isn't it? While Nancy has background in fashion design and has worked for small boutique designers such as LAMB to those corporate like J. Crew, her partner Gregg is web and graphic designer. She revealed misslikey her vintage craves, inspirations and how her boyfriend and partner have become Alaïa expert.

Where from idea for covet shop?
I love to vintage shop and thrive off finding amazing one-off pieces at a great price! My partner and I saw an opportunity to create an online consignment boutique so sellers can get back some of their original investments and buyers can find gems at far below retail price. Being online allows us to reach sellers and buyers all over, not just in the local market.
Your favorite designers?
One of my all time favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Actually favorite would be an understatement. I think it’s more of an obsession. I also like Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga and Frida Giannini for Gucci.
What would be your inspirations in daily wear?
I take inspiration from anything creative such as fashion, movies, art and food. I am also very inspired by the style I see on the streets of different cities and countries.
Vintage lover or not? What are your craves?
Definitely vintage lover! The craves?
Designer vintage of course! Anything from vintage YSL to Chanel from all eras!
How did your partner/boyfriend with his graphic background fit in all this...did he became an expert on Alaïa or he is just in charge of the look?
Gregg is a very talented web and graphic designer. We both share a passion for style and aesthetics. Before we started this business, he was always very fond of my designer shoes. Now after eating and breathing this, he is not only an expert on Alaïa but he can tell you who’s wearing Alaïa on the streets of NYC. It scares me sometimes on how much he knows and can appreciate the finer things in life for a woman.

Now these goodies are just catches, don't you agree?

Visit covet shop on www.covetshop.com

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