23 January 2010

Long hair...boring or not??

I have a long hair for some time now। Last major makeover happened three years ago when I was just dying for Michelle Pfeiffer's bob with bangs from Scarface (Kate Moss had the same inspiration). In growing process of my two haircuts on one head, as my cousin mocked, because of thickness of my hair style of my bangs did show affection toward emo. Then I promised myself- I will grow it. Once you start growing process you pay more attention on health of hair- probably there are subconscious thoughts of its connection with big-boom. I have little scrapbook from phase of teenager days when vegetarian and all natural obsessed, was collecting beauty home made recipes, so I know that you can mix an egg with 4 spoons of honey, 3 spoons of olive oil and wrap your head in plastic foliage. One hour later I forget how my threads are pretty smother and softer due to irritation caused by scratching of vertex. Not to mention mayonnaise salad on top of my head and smell of my home or better say fowl house (but still mayonnaise makes miracles on sun-damaged hair). If only I have more patience for natural hangs out but then I would had that same patience for transformations, well not in meaning of Rihanna but still enough to avoid feeling of boredom. And I swear when I exclusively signed the contract with myself that I am raising mane in rock manner with Patti Smith as an idol, thought of boredom was not involved. But that's just probably in our human nature. I learned how long hair needs a persistence cause every now and then is very seducing idea of taking scissors in a hand. For a girl that at three stood in front of garbage and made a boyish haircut from a long blonde braid, it doubles my chances immediately. Oh how is it hard when at one point you are allured with flapper wavy or pageboy haircut. Or when images of Gwyneth as Margot Tenenbaum or Debbie Harry whisper Cut it, Cut it. Sore of growing process more than Patti Smith stopped me every time- If I settled for a free-flowing hair I'll find solutions for less dullness. So, first I became colorist on my own to give a little life to my natural mouse-blond color. That DIY of hair turned out surprisingly very well- In three phase process I was making highlights in three times, every time coloring around six locks to avoid stripes effect and create natural sun highlighting appearance. Another thing I learned about long hair is that tolerates much more creativity in hairstyles. I've always been fan of casual chignons, pulled back, side-parted hair (role model Abbey Kershaw). Just a year ago I used to think that I left classical headbands in the past, at the age of 6, I surprised myself recently wearing a bow headband. Then French braid, which I am very fan for years now. Loose, side braid from Alexander Wang and Miu-Miu spring catwalks created by hairstylist Guido Palau absolutely encouraged me for having a long hair. And from the time I saw Hermes ad with Karlie Kloss I already knew of my beach image this summer. Since then I am working on twining a scarf into the braid.(last year Hermes had few charming loose braids on catwalk)
"Don't mess too much with your hair or by the time you are 40 it will look 85", wrote Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich in Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young, one of most touching articles ever.
I don't mess too much, but I'll need to make a change in future. But I'll leave it long for now. Maybe when I become serious I will cut it into sleek, simple and to the shoulder. But I am not ready. Yet.

Are you wearing braid?

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Anonymous said...
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Bisous Natasha said...

I loved Michelle Pfeifer in Scarface. That hair suited her. I say long hair in the winter... hehehe. then you can always cut it in the summer. It's up to you and how certain hairstyles look with certain clothes ;-)

Vanessa said...

i love the long braided hair!! ah its just so angelic.

Style Stars said...

i have long hair too and im getting reallyyy bored of it. but the braids trend makes me glad i never cut it!! :)

fall in love with a shooting star...

Eri said...

I have long hair now after having it short for many years and I love it. I am always wering my hair in different ways so I dont get bored of it.
Thanks so much for your comment, I am glad you have enjoyed my blog. Almost weekly I have a feature called Fridays @ Portobello, my street style section where I take pictures of ppl around Portobello Road. Check it out!

I hope to see you soon.

Grace said...

I really needed this today! I've been growing my hair out for a year, and I was seriously considering just chopping it.

I feel recommitted to my long hair again!

Love Grace.

Sarah S. Dobbs said...

very inspiring !



Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it