18 March 2010

pursuit of a blouse

A simple shirt can be a style builder. The white one, bit larger than actual size and men cut is an icon. I am sure there has been happening very stealing from men family members or friends for classical men shirt among fashionistas. And it's not something that we learned only from Breakfast at Tiffany's and Lula Mae's white shirt when she opens door to Paul Varjak or from Sienna Miller when wears Jude's pink shirt in Alfie. Little borrowing-stealing habit was happening far in the past since originally it is men garment later adopted by woman's fashion. Talking about development it became sophisticated with years but our love for back to basis and androgyny, edgy cravings were just too big for the last few seasons. At the end is there anything more sexy than wearing just a shirt from your boyfriend morning after? Daily with pants or dress or maybe on leggings can can be very aesthetic experience in fashion meaning, and with layers of gold chains or rings very chicism.
But did we close our hearts for femininity with boy meets girl habit? Do we just play mix and match under the influence of trend or it is that fashion is expression for us and romance is lost behind? The influence of a trend, either you will admit or on not is huge. The other day came to my mind why I suddenly have this print craving of mine, which is bit odd if you ask me, since I used to be one of the all wrapped up in gray-beige-nude girls. Real Chloe and Stella McCartney under the influence product. So when did my closet become a garden? Maybe it was obsession with Alicia Silverston; floral tops on washed jean, colorful skirts on boots and nude legs, maybe early 90s rock, Bon Jovi girl with ripped jeans and floral cardigan that puts a coins in the jukebox in some bar in New Jersey. Or maybe Marc Jacobs's subtle mix of prints and patterns or discovering Celia Birtwell's romantic fabrics was my key moment. So, never really thought before I'll have this adoring for the blouses especially the peasant ones. Really colorful. Or wear leopard printed scarf on floral dress or on the blouse.
Blouse can really be a in-a minute chic solution; over the skirt or dresses, with the pants (black skinnies and blouse is always tested solution), under simple tank dresses. For more grunge look instead of creating a waist leave it to fall more casual. For bohemian just throw it over a long dress. It is really delighting that this year blouse was really star in rising on the spring runaway (click on the photo to enlarge). Sheer or translucent which is very trend of the moment wears classy Hermes girl after exhausting day on the tennis or John Patric's lady while Jen Kao rock star wears it with denim skirt and ankle boots. Bohemian charm has Etro where blouses are very delicate but in line with lot of prints, as Anna Sui flamboyant prints that seem like they just traveled around the world. Chloe's Hannah McGibbon finds a solution to lift a pants suit with casual cut with soft nude blouses. Opposite from Preen, where blouse just works for structured silhouette, Marc Jacobs used a silk fabric in nude while Julian Louie peach for glance of femininity. Cynthia Rowley, Behnaz Sarafpour, Erin Fetherston created gorgeous ladylike blouses with the bow, while at Ruffian are playing with ruffles on the sleeve. Downtown chic that usually kisses shorts or skirts on suede moccasins or gold leather ballerinas, whenever the ray of sun comes out is figured out at Rachel Comey and Karen Walker.
So, designers really offered us advices for how to wear a blouse but remember that the way you dress is most pleasant when its state of mind. And sometimes it would be really nice to allow yourself a dose of romance; is not that in printed blouse you will look like a homeless hippy or in a peasant like countryside housewife as in sailor blouse like a tourist. It's just particular charm that blouse brings to outfits.

what are misslikey blouse likes in the online shops?

1. Vintage blouse in leopard print on etsy 2. Another jungle fever influence is Michael Kors Tiger-print silk blouse, now discounted at Outnet, 3. For romantic lovers is ideal this tender floral vintage blouse with ruffles in front from etsy, 4. I fell on the first for this lightly sheer violet blue blouse from extraordinary SURFACE TO AIR. Those nude-obsessed would adore Chloe's silk ruffled blouse (5. netaporter) or nude blouse(6) with petal collar from Nadinoo, independent handmade clothing line which is bookmark on misslikey's to keep on eye list. For downtown girls would be perfect Rachel Comey lilac printed blouse (7, available at La Garconne), Peter Jensen(8) A-line floral blouse (at farfetch) or super IT this season- Miu Miu bird print on the blouse(9, at mytheresa). Another nude lovely blouse is vintage from Avant Gaudy(11) while sun-kissed blouses are just perfect for spring; expensive version is collarless Chloe blouse (10. at Browns) and on the budget is vintage from etsy(12) that has buttons on back and Peter Pan collar. Aren't we ready for flight to Neverland?

photo first from adorable Lyell lookbook


Style At Every Age said...

Love the Leopard print one!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Misslikey :)

Very GOOD write-up, you're a intriguing writer....and the fashions that you have featured for this post are NICE, not to mention for your whole blog.... :)

Have a fashionable Sunday :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Like you new lay-out and header! It's not really an either-or, is it. I love blouses AND men's shirts.

The Last Miaow said...

Thumbs-up to the new header ; )

Haute World said...

I've been ignoring blouses and shirts for a while, aside from the staple black and white ones in my wardrobe. But there's definitey nothing sexier than an oversized shirt and I love the new shirtdresses that are out this season. Great selection of pieces and fantastic write-up!

And I love your new header + layout!

its simple love said...

I love your spunky attitude and your fashion style. Delightful post.

p.s. Don't forget to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring GIVEAWAY at itssimplelove.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

I went shopping the other day and decided I only needed skirts and pants because I have tons of shirts. Shirts, but not blouses. And now I have spent all my money on bottoms and I am dying to have some of these tops, sigh.