06 April 2010

Chic details; fuchsia lips & little socks

Details matter; an accent on something can improve or impair your outfit. Thought I don't believe too much in impairs when one has the attitude, story of the dressing or know who he/she is. Everything is in the feeling when it comes to clothing. No feeling- No flavour like in many things in life. This month adorable inspirations and lifters for this charming beginning of the summer are fuchsia lips and small socks on shoes.
Fuchsia lipstick
Indeed is that lipstick can be lifter of outfit. I like to keep things plain with bright colors- for an example plain white shirt dress in the spring just with fuchsia lips- any other accessory is needless (maybe a touch of gold jewelry).
We took the inspiration from the spring runaway where inspired by Bottega Veneta and Marc by Marc Jacobs. At Bottega make-up artist Pat McGrath with lips in matte fuchsia kept skin clean and the brows bleached which perfectly suited white headbands. Inspired by Madonna in Seeking Susan, Dick Page on Marc Jacobs painted lips in bright fuchsia and remain the face clean. Together with bow headband look is really cutism. When buying fuchsia lipstick, look rather for matte shades.

Little socks
Absolutely craziness is for hosiery this season. In the spring just are perfect little socks on flats with lively spring dresses. Fell in love with the Brooklyn- based clothing and shoe label Keller. Superb-talented Kelly Clark has a thing for a little socks this season and the previous one which is enchanting beyond. Images on the left are from Keller Spring summer 2010 Lookbook, see it complete here.
And perfect little cream socks I found at LA's finest hosiery shop Hansel from Basel. Aren't these just adorable little socks


Couture Carrie said...

Love these deets, darling, especially the fuchsia lip!


The Last Miaow said...

Very cute x

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on both accounts, I just bought a bright fuscia lippy and have a huge drawer full of socks and stockings of all colors and varietys. Details maketh the outfit

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Details are the cherry on top of every creation...I agree. I think a detail can make or break an design/project/ etc.

Have a fab day :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Little ankle socks are my greatest obsession right now!