07 May 2010

Chic details; back to school

Remember the school? Were you one of those that were singing rebelliously "Teacher leave the kids alone in front", or you were with utterly devoted pupil team? Even if you were just a scholar full of joy, you must had one of those want to be all grown up moments. And now that you are all grown up, you still wearing similar items once you were wearing in benches? Hated or beloved, you must admit Mrs. School left very impact on who you are and maybe what you wear today. Do you ask yourself sometimes who would be the one that is nostalgic in the story of stylish education; us or the designers? For this fall, many of them announced comeback in benches; from Philip Lim, Generra, Peter Jensen, Proenza Schouler, Brian Reyes, Cynthia Steffe to Boy by Band of Outsiders. All those folks are crazy about the girl that wears toggle jackets, pleated skirts, vests, dresses with peter pan collars, all the lace-up footwear (from oxfords to booties), visible socks or the one up to the knee. If you are fan, no matter if you choose to be perhaps charming Lolita or Preppy out of college, you’ll feel satisfied in the fall with shops overwhelmed with new glance preppy items. In mean time, while we waiting, we could use some of the Nouveau school tips for the warm days. Who even said that we want to go on school vacations?

No 1 Nouveau school detail; Barrette in the hair

Yes, visible pin and there’s no much of philosophy about it, wear it just the way your mum once wanted for you to wear it. Just keep your hair sleek and tidy. If you have a bob or the shoulder length, look upon Margot Tenenbaum. If you have a long or short hair, find some inspiration from Phillip Lim spring runaway. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert made a side part and wrapped hair in old school side-chignon. She used two red barrettes, on the front and on the back above the chignon. Red color of pin is ideal charming match for spring pastels.

No2 Nouveau school detail; brown satchel
Don’t tell me you are not head over heels for satchels this season. Perfect version of satchel, for spring and plenty of summer dresses and floral prints would be in brown or tan. If you are in lack off around €1000, forget about Mullbery’s Alexa or Proenza’s PS1 and go for the vintage. Make a little flea market trip or find something fits you on Etsy. Just make sure that if has handle has a large shoulder strap so it can easily transform to shoulder bag. And sometimes can be just nonchalant oversized clutch .


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey MissLikely :)

In stylish education? I've give it to "us"....for even tho most fashions have been reproduced rather than recreated it's still been more copyed off of a young teen's style while walking down the street, if that makes sense. I didn't have much of a unique style in HS, as I just wore what I felt was cute, and what would've get me made fun of. It wasn't until after my days of high school, that I actually started developing a REAL sense of style. As for the hair pins? They've always made me look younger; middle school.

And lastly, as always I LOVE reading your post :) Have a fab weekend :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That bag is amazingly gorg! I'm Etsy bound. : )

Anonymous said...

you are reading my minds,i just wanted to buy this kinda of bag few days ago...but you missed to write about white blouses whith oversized collar that was also one of our mum's whishes in our school days.... I went to Top shop today, and there was just mini sized white collar blouses...Please write about oversized one.
Many tnx in advance
Nikolina Knezic

Paint it Black said...

I am on the look for a satchel I keep searching ebay they look so fab teamed with floral dresses xoxo

btw great post :)

MaryWhitney said...

I so Love That bag *-* Is amazing
Much Love MaryWhitney


its simple love said...

Oh I love that satchel! How perfect is that?


. said...

i adoreee your blog so much writing, passion, amaazing photos, clothes, shoes, i love love lovee it!

gros bisous superstar

you have good tastes by the way


SabinePsynopsis said...

Somehow school becomes a romantic memory, fashion and otherwise. One of these lovely brown satchels would make me feel years younger - Plus, they are so practical!

SaraJ said...

love those bags.

Unknown said...

those purse are so pretty!!! totally a must-have.


apparellel said...

I have been wearing feather roach clips quite a bit lately and it is definitely taking me back to middle school. Junior high definitely shaped me in terms of style. AND i really love your blog!


LOA said...

i like your blog !!
cute !

Haute World said...

I've always liked the satchel style! I had one for school, but not made of leather. I've also always thought there to be a certain chic in school uniforms (like in Gossip Girl), but I probably would have hated to wear one (thankfully I didn't).

Earlene said...

i wonder i could buy one of those super-cute bag <3,love them all

LOA said...

thx thx thx

Sabo Skirt said...

Loving the tanned bag..
your blog is fabulous =)

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Philippa said...