09 June 2010

Who's that girl; Tennessee Thomas

You can think of nowadays hip indie kids whatever you want but you must admit many of them have great sense for style. It goes also for Tennessee Thomas, drummer of girl band The Like and daughter of Elvis Costello’s drummer Pete Thomas. This rock infant from indie-royalty cliques (one of the BBFs Alexa Chung and ex boyfriend Mark IT girls-radar Ronson) in teenager years formed a band with two school friends. The Like today has 4 girl members and they intrigue both music and fashion spheres. They were performing at Vena Cava’s fall show, and Zac Posen hired them for short film to promote his collection for Target. (Directed by Gia Coppola, another school pal)
Talking fashion, Tennessee is already a star of the field. Not happens to every girl nowadays that has glasses frame named after her (Charles Anastase oversized Tennessee glasses). Talking modeling she was recently hired by FOREVER 21 for Boutique and with above-mentioned Alexa was star of Wren lookbook. The Lula Mag cosset, which is a frequent face on Lula’s scrapbook, also appeared in a film Spell, collaboration between Topshop and Lula, directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker. It’s not strange she is Lula Darling since she has a glance of exact girl from the dreams that popped out from pages of vintage Polaroid editorial.

The rock'n'romantic blond wears loosen mane and bangs that go almost into the eyes in a manner of old school rock star. Her Peter Pan collar dresses look like she spent some time hanging with Marianne Faithfull. And all of the 60s sweetheart romantic dresses and lace items she wears makes you want to delve into her closet. Recently in the Band interview for Refinery29 she stated she has a style of a Beatles fan and that dresses with white collar are her secret style weapon. Sure they are -Just look how she wears them. Details like Saddle shoes, basket bag, heart tights, over knee stockings, tell Tennessee is a girl that knows how to have fun. And apparently it looks like she is dressing up for herself. That is why she is so irresistible-in style.

photos via Lula Mag, the cobrasnake


Anonymous said...

Lovely girl and amazing style! ^^

maria carneri said...

wow! she has a unique sense of style!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Love this girl - really great post. Loving your blog and am following you know on bloglovin (-: Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment!

martha stockholm sweden said...

stunning pics


sapphirewhisper said...

She has such beautiful style, very soft and dreamy, perfect for Lula!

LOA said...

how lucky you are ! in france it is rainning -_-.
xxLoi :D

Nata Amores said...

Aw. She is gorgeous, and has a lovely style! (:

- Nata


Anonymous said...

Oh I got to love this girl cause she is into Beatles style ! She seems lovely. Could you maybe send me link for some of her band's song? Tnx

Rohini said...

She is so adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

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