31 July 2010

Zanita crush

Usually this would be a model crush but when it comes to Zanita Whittington is hard to talk about categories. 21-year-old fashionable darling from Australia is not just some ordinary magazine beauty but she could easily own a magazine; she is model, photographer, stylist, writer and the blogger. Tell me that you haven’t immediately fallen for Zanita the moment you came across her online world. If so you must have noticed it's not just about the pretty clothes or vintage treasures or her Blake Lively meets Claudia Schiffer in 90s glance, but the overall energy that radiates from Zanita.
Except the star of bloggosphere, she is very successful model- recently she appeared in editorial for British Vogue and she is American Apparel’s Classic Girl.
Not are only self-portraits of outfits that you would adore on Zanita’s blog but you could easily become obsessed with photo stories she posts frequently, all captured and styled by her. Amateur photographer, as she describes herself in about me section, knows better what to do behind the lens than many self-proclaimed fashion photographers nowadays.
And leggy beauty with Nikon camera in her hands doesn’t have the slightest problem with coordinating both of her passions. She said in interview for ÆTIENNE.NET she enjoys both equally; Modeling is my career, it's challenging and rewarding. Photography is my creative hobby; it's fun and relaxing.
Who says you cannot have it all?

For more visit Zanita's blog and her model portfolio at Priscillas



jemina said...

ZANITA is definitely INSPIRATIONAL and I <3 her blog, AMAZING~ness!!! xoxo


im definetly going to check out her clog, her photos are incredible!!

Ana said...

awesome awesome blog:)

Love the cool and fash photos;)
Lots of hugs

The F Word Online said...

ouu im definitely going to check out her blog. these are great photos !

xx lue

Anonymous said...

Great pictures

Anonymous said...

GIRL is gorgeous! very natural too

Haute World said...

Very beautiful girl! I love the fact that she looks so natural and seems to down to earth.

Grace said...

She is a star! Apparently I need to get to Australia.

Love Grace.

Sybil said...

she is such a stunner!! :D


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Misslikey :)

Great writing as always and I just came from her blog - lovely photography :) Hope all well :) If you wondered, I shutdown my blog, as I felt the season just ran out for it, for me :)


NobodyKnowsMarc said...

so inspired..!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

she is beautiful!! I miss some of her older posts now though, as I find she is behind the lenses so much these days!


t.g.s said...

i'm head over heels for this girl
she is amazing and very talented

Lenne said...

Thank you for linking my interview with Zanita! She's amazing and I hope you liked it (: