29 October 2010

Chic Halloween this year?

In the earliest age, like their personal press agents, we were cutting their pictures out from the magazines. We didn’t do the research, but we were pasting images in special notebooks or were hanging them on the wall. It wasn’t just enough to watch them on the screen, but we had to have our private stalking collection. Fascination with movie heroines can sometimes be very silly thing, when you think about it.
Is it just a pretty clothes picked by wardrobe stylists or sewn by costume tailors, what attracts us to certain movie characters? Or it’s also personality of character reason why we sometimes feel a special connection with our screen idols. Since we often worship movie girls as style inspiration and inspiration stands more like influence less like cloning, it would be ridiculous to dress up head to toe like them on regular days. That's why is invented the Halloween! If you ever wanted to be an actress, but you are not on personal with spiders, ghost, witches and vampires, Halloween is just perfect day for you to get ready for the role. And five girls below I chose as Halloween costumes inspiration, are all from our era, and all special and quirky in they own way. Say hello to Margot, Amelie, Mirabelle, Bridget and Nikki!

Margot Tenenbaum, the royal gypsy princess of the Tenenbaum family is far away from the gypsy; her tennis striped dresses are vintage Lacoste, fur coat is made by Fendi and her brown purse is Hermes Kelly bag.
To be Margot list:
Striped tennis dress on fur coat, brown loafers, brown handbag and straight bob with plastic barrette. Black eyeliner. Be wistful and smoke all the time. And you will have to invent somehow the wooden finger.
Amelie Poulain, charming waitress devoted to helping people who surround her is very childish. As her style; small cardigans in bright colors, knee-length skirts and dresses, outerwear in earth tones, and little socks.
To be Amelie list:
Green cardigan on polka dot dress, black school shoes with small socks. Wig with the short bob and bangs. Smile with curious facial expression.
Mirabelle Buttersfield is selling gloves at the department store but in the free time she is an artist. Her style is very clean and ladylike, including lot of dresses, blouses and camel coat.
To be Mirabelle List:
Turtleneck gray shirt, pencil skirt and pumps. Tag with the name. Golden chain and the brooch. Red hair. Bit clumsy behavior. Act like you always think of something else.
The one and the only, Bridget Jones is a girl without the secrets but with very clever sense for humor.
To be Bridget list
Oversized floral pajama pants with pink twin set cardigan, or bunny girl costume on the coat. Don’t forget the diary, booze and the smokes. And the good sense for humor.
Nikki, Alfie's girlfriend is a party girl with very free spirit. She is very trendy, wears lot of golden jewelry, hats and the fur coat.
To be Nikki list:
Very long blond hair with the bangs. Hoop earrings. Smokey Eyes. Fur coat and the over knee black boots. Swinging sixties mood.


Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

i think you have a point. i really like watching movies because sometimes i feel like i can connect with them even though they're fictional characters. have a lovely day !

Juseneide said...

I saw the 1st,the second and of course The Diary of BJ.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Hehehe... Love this choice. U Know I love dressing up as people on halloween. If the reason wasn't this prosaic, it would be deeply conceptual. Only thing I like more than what you suggested is dressing up as stereotypes. But not the obvious ones: more like people who think they are completly original but are in fact very much... the same! :-))))



Marina Mott said...

I loved this post! I saw BJ more than ten times!!xxramun

Becca. said...

lovely post :)

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Doganiam Motyle said...

nice blog

Unknown said...

great post x

Lenine said...

Haha, i wish i discovered this before Haloween :)

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so what were you on halloween night?



Mila said...

Stvarno super post!Uživala sam čitajući.

verychiclist said...

lovely post :) and blog too :)


misslikey said...

Margot T. :)

Louise said...

haha I love bridget jones! xx

little luxury list said...

Oh I'd love to be Margot or Amelie (to swing a Hermes Kelly around or to wear a fun cardigan over a polka dot dress!)

Thanks for stopping by the blog - the Lanvin archives are definitely divine!

k said...

I loved these ideas!

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

lovely post!

Unknown said...

oooooh thanks for sharing xxx

Grace said...

I wanted to be Margot this year!

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

I like this post :) you have a point.

chloe said...

so did you dress up? who were you in the end!?

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Great post, loved reading it:)
I would have loved to be Amelie, to bad I didn't find your blog earlier :P
check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

Cherie said...

i'd love to dress up as margot tenenbaum or bridget jones. these are great ideas for haloween!

Carla said...

great photos!
Love this blog, I'm following you now




its wierd how we sometimes live vicariouly through out movie star idols, them dressing so well doenst hurt either.


Anonymous said...

LUNA - i wAS margot yesterday evening! i like her very much. everybody looked at me with a strange expression on their faces,..i dunno why,.. :)

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