26 November 2010

Cloths full of spots

Don’t you feel terrified when you hear the words in and out? In today’s fashion when everything is popular, and when trendy is no longer synonym for style, I consider words like these useless. Unless you are trying to sell something.
Take for example polka dots pattern. The pattern that is named after the dance of the same name and originates from 19th century, was very popular in the middle of last century, so the '50s girls were those very fond of sweetheart dresses that had glance of candies and rainbows. After the 50s the pattern wasn’t the star in the trendland, but is always present everywhere, from runaways and streets to shops.
Polka dot is frequent pattern for light summer dresses or blouses, but we somehow forget to wear it in colder seasons. That’s why this season I like to see around in shops tights in this pattern that on simple black or white dresses with bit of jewelry will look very chic. With polka dot blouses that are ideal for office but also for rendezvous, we will be very feminine. And in the shirt or tunic dresses with carefully picked details as buttons or collars, we will be very cute. And these little spots will add vivacity to this very sleepy, snowy and rainy wintertime.

Images: Dress from Topshop, illustration by DixieLeota on deviantART, girl with tights via, camera on the polka dot box by youcaughtme on flickr, lyrics from What Katie did


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


Okay? Why am I shouting? And I agree - fashion always labels things as "in" and "out," probably a reason why people view the industry as frivolous and vain. Which is really upsetting, since it really IS an art.


-marta said...

you are very right! Polka dots are adorable, I'm glad you're promoting them like you are :)

oomph. said...

i feel the same way about stripes!


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I love polka dots, but for me any pattern needs to have a good base of cut. SO if you put polka dots on a Burda cut... Not so cool!
And about in and out. You are out the minute you do something just to be in! :-)


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jemina said...

I will never get tired of polka dots :)


Marina said...

i like polka dots;
check on:


ah ah Marina

Marina said...

i like polka dots;
click on:


ah ah Marina

pixelhazard said...

Oh i know, i have been reaping the rewards of holding on to things lately. Just got a sheer polkadot top. Double win

Bright Green Laces

Mila said...

Joj kako obožavam točkice!!!!!

chloe said...

oooh, im loving polka dots at the moment, i have two blouses with spots on them :) :)

Grace said...

I love how retro polkadots can be.

Love Grace.

babylovesfashion said...

you are sooo right!love the polka dots!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Like I said, POLKA DOTS FOR THE WIN. They make anyone, as in ANYONE, look instantly cuter. It's just a given.


Anonymous said...

I love polkadots! <3


Haute World said...

They're definitely timeless. I think, just like florals, they will never really go away, because there's something so feminine and versatile about them.

its simple love said...

I have always been fond of polka dots. Given the size and color they have such such different feels. I love the history of it. Thanks for the fun facts about polka dots :)


Eden said...

hey there,

im glad to have encountered your blog! love how you choose your images and your choice of words..

always afraid of the words in and out, thats why i believe in riding trends sparingly:)

do visit me sometime?


Nick Februar said...

Bok draga :) evo da ti javim da te pratim i preporucujem :)

Gorgeous Clara said...

beautifufil inspiration! love polka dots!

sojourned in style said...

polka dots, who doesnt love em?