27 December 2010

Groupie by night, college kid by the day

Dropped waistline, loose tank cut and the scent of flapper vibe mixed with librarian chic. And name such as popcorn.
Rachel Comey writes poetry of fashion, and not just with this specific popcorn dress. Since she began with designing a womenswear line, she became a favorite designer for many girls that effortlessly march on the streets dressed chic, but actually they don’t care. Comey’s label is not just another hip line, but it gives a true meaning to the word. Little of quirky, little of print, a lot of simplicity and bit of rock ’n’ roll is what makes clothes made by Rachel Comey so special. With the sexy but comfort pieces she makes a perfect uniform for cool, always in run girls.
Over the years infamous popcorn dress has been through some changes and reinventions and despite summery popcorn in a girly print or nude is beyond charming, so is the luxurious popcorn made of velvet. However, the velvet popcorn, in nude or with polka dots is not a dress you will wear just to rock concert once and store it into your closet. Oh no. You will wash it after the rock concert and wear it next day to library. So you can be groupie by night, college kid by the day.

both dresses at Bird boutique



I like this "popcorn" dress that can be taken from a rock concert to the library :)) witty as always !

Jessica Mura said...

Lovely and interesting post! I like your blog and I follow you, hoping you'll do the same ^^

vint junky said...

Beautifully written post as per!
Totally inspiring.
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday

Audrey Allure said...

Those are really cute!

Margaret said...

So glad you commented on my blog, because it led me to yours!
You are really doing something interesting and different- love it:)

POONGIE said...

i love that :)
very interesting dress

Gypsy Gardens said...

O da, volimo takve haljinice! :D
Odlično napisano, divim se svaki put :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Love this! Great texture here.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

The name is enough to sell me on it!

Grace said...

Everything about the beige one :)

Love Grace.

Merve said...

happy new year, beauty !♥
check out my blog :)

ZANAH said...

Casual chic, love it ♥

Mon Mode Blog

SabinePsynopsis said...

Sounds and looks like the perfect combination to me. Happy New Year, MsLikey!

Kirstie said...

Such a versatile dress. I adore the velvet!

Kirstie Marié

Haute World said...

Oh, I love the comfortable slouchy look of these dresses! Girly but casual at the same time. Wishing you a very happy new year!

Jessica Mura said...

Very nice blog!! :) I follow you now, hoping you'll do the same ^^ P.S. : HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

Neon Noose said...

I like the "popcorn dress" but for some odd reason it makes me look huge, so I try not to wear stuff like this :( I hope all is well and also hope you had a great New Yearz.

Mila said...

Stvarno su prekrasne!!
Sve najbolje u 2011 :*

Style Stars said...

these dresses are soooo pretty and seem so versatile. i want one!! thanks for posting :)



AX80 said...

If you got the legs for them, why not. Flaunt it.

Claudia said...

Such gorgeous dresses! It's true- they really do have a flapper vibe (that is the first thing that strikes me when I look at them) for both the loose shape, dropped waste, and the fabric. I like how you said you could wear them to a rock concert as well as to the library- versatile elegance is always the way to go!! :)

I was just browsing your blog, and I think it is so informative and full of very inspiring posts.

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

NerdGlasses said...

I love your blog <3
Following you!
Follow me too?

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

nice post!


Julie and Lauren said...

Love both of those dresses, specially the one with the one with the polk-a-dots!

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