26 February 2011

Letter and style

Dear Charles,

You must know that the wintertime is not an easiest time for a girl that doesn’t pick a first pair of jean and sweater when she is dressing up. I was never good at that. Thick layers of winter clothes are making me sometimes totally sad because I don’t want to look like I suffered the bees attack. So I just felt like I have to write you a few words to describe how you brought joy to my upcoming fall.
Charles my dear, with your double-breasted princess coat you gave me hope because the length and fabric is just perfect defense against harsh and windy wintertime and silhouette is practical for wearing layers. With French cleanness, which you obviously know perfectly because, of course, you are a Frenchman, that coat also has a great dose of romance that you can feel only if you are fairytale lover. I bet that Alice wouldn’t take it off on the cold days in wonderland. And about the dresses, I have a confession to make; You know what a girl needs when she invests in a good dress? Option to be a creature of the light and of the night. With the dresses like the velvet one with flower appliques and the tunic dress in ivory silk, seems you somehow knew that, didn’t you? Anyway who still buys the dress that is evening solely? Furthermore, I adored that floor-length ivory dress with high waistline (again aesthetic but purely romantic) and that sheer top with embellished Peter Pan collar with velvet pants. Talking about velvet I hope that Alexa wasn’t the one that was inspiration for rust jumpsuit instead of me. And please tell me how did you know that I plan to escape to New Zealand in the future? Would it be totally inappropriate to explore gardens in that little silky romper with those cute frills on the hem?
I am glad that you design for a girl that likes to borrow from some old lost times and is immune on trend in amount that demands the mature style. Your collection dear Charles of mine is for a grown up girl that does everything what adults in big world usually do. But sometimes that girl survives the reality by closing her eyes. Did you know that is not a very complicated way to find yourself in some other place and time? One, two, three…and when you count to nine, you disappear in shine. And when you blink harder you are all of sudden among the clouds. Pik-Pik…you hear the sound, and it isn’t talk of the clouds. They don’t produce that terrible sound. Why people are impatient like that? Do they know there’s no way to land in the short time, if you want to avoid the harsh fall? How crazy and impossible would be to get off the cloud in a blink of an eye?

Yours truly,




wowww. his collection is up to par with your lovely words. "But sometimes that girl survives the reality by closing her eyes"- that really hit me like a wall of bricks and made me see myself on the other side.

Kaleido Mind said...

gooorgeous!!! very sophisticated yet modern/edgy:)

Rachel said...

I hate dressing for winter too! But these are such great pieces that I'm starting to rethink that. :D

chloes78 said...

Haha His line was very beutiful and modern, the double-beasted coat is one of my favorites!
Thanks for the comment! :)


sapphirewhisper said...

It's true, its such a challenge to find the right clothing for winter, clothng that you feminine and keeps you toasty without feeling heavy and bulky.

Beautiful collection.

Marina Mott said...

Really gorgeous!! xx

little luxury list said...

Oh my I'm totally with you! The double breasted coat and velvet dress is fabulous!

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Great post & collage! xx


Nora said...

thank you! ;)

Margaux said...

such a great post idea!