18 March 2011

Paris fashion week fall 2011

Chloé bows
Hannah MacGibbon continues to follow her sense for design and style of beloved Chloé, but from time to time she tries to awake classic Chloé woman to experiment more with bit eccentric pieces. So this time she did that with snakeskin. So after the Sally bag it was about the time to add a little of dressy snake to the dress, even if moments that typical Chloé girl would love are casual leather coat in A cut, luxurious but elegant chiffon and all the pants, blouses and bows. This time even on shoes. Bravo Hannah!
Cacharel nude and eclectic blues
Cacharel super aesthetic sixties shape in nude, neutral tones matched perfectly with eclectic blue eye shadow on Cédric Charlier’s models. Super floral prints of Cacharel showed once again that what is Liberty to UK, Cacharel is to France.
Nina’s Lolita
Peter Copping had to cope with Theyskens heritage left at Ricci. I mean all the princess letters from Upper East Side? I believe it’s hard, but Peter has enough experience, talent and knowledge to fit in. Once again he proved that. In middle of dark tones, he breaks the monotony with super polished Lolita that adores suit and all the classy things in fragile colors. After that he brings back the serious romance with items like lavish velvet coat! Hopelessly romantic!
Dries Divine
When you see all those dresses, prints, textures, shoes, pants and glasses, you start to feel something towards Dries Van Noten himself. And I believe I am not the only one.
Givenchy details
Bejeweled flowers, violets, panthers, Bettie Page, 90s Versace inspired chains. Everything together! So you come to idea that is wrong to think that everyone has talent for everything. To make a wearable collection and to keep your artistic nature you have to have a talent. And Riccardo Tisci possesses enormous one. He makes me to pull the pencil skirt out of my closet and wear it all fall long.
Lovable Lanvin
Braided ponytails under oversized hats, quirky headdresses, extravagant dresses that bring the real picture of Paris fashion from the last century when fashion show was really something that was unrealistic, divine and glamorous beyond belief. I bet Jeanne-Marie Lanvin would be proud on Mr Elbaz.
Miu Miu and glittery
It would be nonsense not to mention the impact that Miuccia Prada has on today’s trends and many designers. That is confirmed not only by rise of sale but the fact the Miu Miu became one of the most copied brands among mass-market retailers. Sister label of Prada that is from its beginnings all about bright colors, prints, details, playful and girly character, for the last few seasons is increasing its audience. Does that mean that we become happier? Or we need that dose of happiness in rough times like these?
Valentino Virus
…And I am seriously affected by it. Valentino’s team is one of the best things that happened to fashion world lately. Valentino collections cause such a delight, that I am speechless when it comes to describing. Is it enough to say that I want to be BBBF(best but best friend) of Chiuri and Piccioli?
Véronique’s nerdy secretary
So in what should office girl invest for the next fall? Leather skirt, knitted tent dress, something in mint color, turtleneck sweater, tweed dress and good coat in creamy color tones. And yes she would look just charming but austere with sleek ponytail, graphic jewelry and glasses. Say thanks to Véronique Leroy. Not me.



Allison said...

Awesome. Love the collections :)

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!

Natalie Suarez said...

so cute! i love it :)


Vintage Rules said...

I really like

Alice said...

my lil fashion heart belongs to Dries Van Noten. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
great post

Julia said...

Thank you, thank you <3 I'm trying to figure out why more people aren't drooling over Akris!

I'm starting to wonder if Alber is able to produce anything outside of the same strong [signature] look for the label. It's all melting into one big groundhogs day for me.

Kristin H said...

Valentino in my heart!

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nice pictures about the collections!!


love how you categorized them with lovely to the ear titles :) Givenchy quite literally blew me away the intricate patterns and details were heavently. dries is divine for eternity!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Bows...I will always adore bows!