08 June 2011

Love for Nadinoo

I started my love with Nadinoo about year or more ago but I never shared the love with my readers in a proper way. Before the discovering of Nadinoo label, I was reading the blog, written by designer Nadia. The patience of that girl, to take all of the lovely photos of making of clothes, fabrics, or studio where she works amazed me. You have to be a really determined person to do all those things and sew at the same time. It’s not a easiest thing in the world, with all the business duties, to maintain your dream and love. Dream and love are so obvious in the work of Nadia. Through girls Pixie, Fleur and Lula she enlivens the secret world of 60s by making the modern expression of the era using improved cuts and vibrant but subtle prints. What is better than the improved vintage that looks like from vintage store but is worn only by you? Specialties of Nadinoo house are definitely blouses and dresses that from season to season are keeping their basic- feminine and romantic vibe. For this summertime season Fleur, Lula and Pixie besides lovely printed blouses and dresses will also wear petite crop tops tied with large ribbons. Oh oh we completely understand the ribbons and the summertime breeze. And if you think about Nadinoo that’s so Orla Kiely meets TBA, that’s not offend but a great compliment.



Haute World said...

This is so pretty! I love the retro romantic vibe of these clothes. I like the bow details and the prints.

Helen said...

I love this brand I just can't afford it :'(

Ashley said...

I love the look of Nadinoo! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, i'm amazed. Nadia must be a really passionate person. She rocks!
I'll be anticipating her next project
thanks for sharing :)

Castor Pollux

Nana said...

I love nadinoo too! yay that rhymed! XD

mlartigue said...

the photos are lovely :D
thanks for your comment :)

verotronik said...

really nice! thanks for sharing!


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Kristin H said...

What sweet cutouts and lovely clothes.
Have a great day!

ChloƩ-M said...

I love your pictures, it's so lovely :)
(I follow you)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

So pretty! And I love your collage way of blogging<3