12 January 2012

Oh those plans

I had planned to publish this post just after the New Year’s Eve but somehow it was lost between the holiday’s overtiredness and thrill for upcoming year. Also is possible that misslikey is just like a boy and had lost ability to do multiple things at the moment. Maybe that characteristic comes with years or it’s just a passing thunderstorm. However, I wanted to describe what I was doing for holidays. Before the clock ticked twelve on December 25th I spent hours and days sitting at my working table. Half of the time I was listening to the noise that my sewing machine was producing and the rest of the time I was splashed in acrylic paint and glue. Reason for that was the decision to start my little business with the things I make. I came with the name and start selling. I don’t know if it was because of the charming name; The Little Cloth Girl or because of the products, but people actually were buying my little crafts. So it made me happy and I was thankful that Little Cloth Girl’s Christmas balls with tulle, flowers and bows and linen bags were décor on many trees. My boyfriend also drew handsome illustrations that I used for cute labels and holiday cards. So after the midnight on December 25th half blinded, I decided to take a little break before the new plans with The Little Cloth Girl. I was watching French movies, playing hostess, ate strawberry jelly cheese hearts and muffins with cinnamon, apples and almonds. I realized that the cupcakes with chocolate, chili and pepper and warm wine are really able to erase every melancholic feeling. What also made me happy was a royal carriage clock from 1940s and vintage tobacco boxes that my boyfriend found in his basement. I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions cause I don’t believe anymore in years but the days. These days I am picking new fabrics and creating samples for my Etsy store that’s going to be open soon.
Also I planned to say that I am wishing you a Happy New Year...

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Tania said...

I adore your collages and everything you write :) You put so much effort and passion into a post, it's truly inspiring, keep it up! Love your blog, following xx


Unknown said...

volim tvoje postove, pa tako i ovaj! sve najbolje :)

Emma said...

Congratulations on starting up your own business. It must be so exciting and inspiring. And so great that it's a success already. Love the blog :)


lucia m said...



Unknown said...

Prekrasan post!

Pratim te! :)


Grace said...


Love Grace.

Kdotorg said...

This is a really great blog! I really love the passion you put into each post. Congrats on starting your own business :)
Really loving your blog, follow each other?