21 January 2012

shopping time; cake tins

Oh oh how I adore vintage cake tins. Actually I have thing for round boxes, so hatboxes and cake tins are my thing. It’s very hard to find these in good condition, which is I believe very important if you will use them in kitchen. So I spent some time window-shopping online to find the new ones that are vintage inspired. Cake tins are really smart little things, not just practical for the storage of sweets but for many other things. If you ask me I would have a house full of cake tins. Oh that would be a lovely house.
So what I’ve found online;
1. This Is Pretty cake tins in regency style £16.80, here
2. Brompton Rose cake tins £24.00, here
3. Scarlet Bakes tins £22, here
4. Sweets, biscuits, cakes cake tins £12.95, here
5. Fairy Cakes, Eggs and Jelly Cake Tins £23.99, here

Educational Resource*
Students earning an interior design degree online study design techniques
like incorporating unique items into rooms (like cake tins!).


graciela alaniz said...

I would love to see a house with just cake tins as storage, no baskets or bins just charming cake tins :)

Nana said...

They are lovely indeed XD The sada thing is that if you actually find a vintage one in good condition it's $$$!

Estefanía Ainoza said...


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

These are lovely, i like the flowery ones :D want them to keep all my little bits and bobs in!

Carissa Clark said...

Oh my goodness, so true. Cake tins are wonderful, I love this!

I am so glad I found your blog, lovely!

Modern Milly said...

Oh I love all of these, so pretty. Makes me want to bake lots of yummy cakes! x

Unknown said...

Joooj sve su tako divne!! :)


Aileen Kim said...

you too! I am so in love with round cookie tins too....even the round hat boxes! These are sooo adorable!

Deadly Inlove said...

your blog is soo stylish and original, really really enjoyed it. i'LL be following you, so I hope to see new pposts soon.

Anonymous said...

love this post!
you always share many cute vintage stuffs, nice!

Car Hendrix said...

What a cute blog,I love it!
We can follow each other if you want..I'm just following you :)

Grace said...


Love Grace.

ljupka said...

kutije za kekse i kolače obožavam <3 divne su sve od reda!