25 April 2012

pretty cover

As a member of wrap up-obsessed-generation, it doesn’t happen just once that I judge book by its cover. Translated, I will often, if not always, pick item because of the package. So I am the type that falls on marketing tricks of pretty flowers, French inspired cottage style and clean pastel design that just calls you to love it (won’t even mention Liberty prints). Isn’t silly the fact that I would rather buy hair balsam in pale pink bottle rather the one dressed up in red, even if it’s not for my hair type. Simplified loveliness of Chanel's black and white  manages to deserve my full attention every time. Or youthful spirit of intellectual edginess that Marc Jacobs’s products spread. The basic Nivea cream because of the classical blue design is something that is always in my cosmetic bag. Does it give me feeling of unconditional happiness and delicateness that I can carry around? Maybe. That’s why I picked few things that lately caught up my full attention. On the list are Penguin new editions with embroidered cover; those of Emma and Secret Garden. I adore Orla Kiely radios because they remind me of Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl. Fifi Lapin cases for iPhone make technology world sweet. Or Diana F+ lomography cameras. Talking about good old Diana, at home I have Smena 8m, that’s perfect pro lomo camera. But no, I want Diana, and I even cannot decide what version of design I want. Maybe Dreamer because it reminds me of gardening and sunsets. Maybe Collette spotty one that I associate with Godard’s girls. Qing Hua because I am crazy about blue flowers and blue floral prints? Or Lomography's new beauty La Sardina Mobius that just calls me to spend a day wearing boater hat on Riviera during the 1920s. But I cannot travel through time, or can I?!


Valerie Enríquez said...

Such a beautiful selection, the cameras and especially those penguin books. I agree, that the design of a package really does go a long way. I once waited for a special edition of Madame Bovary to come out just because I loved the cover so much! x

Nana said...

Beautiful packaging always does the trick for me too! XD If I were you I'd buy the Sardina one, it's so cute! :))

trishie said...

I'm drawing to pretty things too. Often I pick up a book purely because the cover looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cute selection!

AVY said...

Really pretty!



Lola said...

OMG!! I am the exact same!! When buying a book, always go for the best cover avai OR i buy a book JUST ebcause i love the cover-I even have the fifi lapin iphone case, although mine cracked (BOOO) xxx

Hello Naka said...

packaging and advertising does the trick for me, but if its cute i wanna buy it straight away not really care what the hell it is XD

Melissa said...

like your blog ;-)


snls. ♥ said...

photos are just perfect <3

Blaze said...

Gorgeous! I love your taste in pastels and cherry colors! These images next to each other look so pretty! I love your collages!

Unknown said...

Pretty things like this make me so darn happy :)

Travel à la Mode

Anonymous said...

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