15 June 2012

Today I am Wearing...Valerie

Pretty and talented Valerie writes amazing blog Hallo Valerie. Visit here.

 *Today I am wearing are new series of posts here on misslikey, where misslikey's favorite and chic
 people from blogosphere will show and tell us what they are wearing, reading and listening.


little henry lee said...

she is such a beautiful girl. :) i love her blog!

Anonymous said...

Such a soft and romantic outfit, I absolutely adore the skirt.
X Jane


Anonymous said...

Interesting post, beautiful girl!

Nana said...

yay, I love Valerie! I'm reading a Roland Barthes' book too, called "les systèmes de la Mode". It's quite interesting!

Maria said...

She is so pretty! I love her outfit, it's so dreamy and gorgeous :)
This collage looks amazing Nina, you truly have a talent!
xx Maria

Georgia said...
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Georgia said...

Thanks for the comment, your blog is lovely!! I am dreaming of those shoes!!!



Helen said...

What a lovely idea

Mumbles said...

This is a very cute post!
That girl looks so pretty, love the detail on the side where she tell us what she's reading/listening, that's lovely!