27 August 2012

crazy love...Nishe

Picturesque universe of Nishe photography was discovered few months ago by coincidence. Stubborn about detection of brand Nishe that is stocked on the Asos, I’ve strayed to Nishe’s flickr. What was impromptu affection at first, soon became daily escapade to splendid and serene world. Recent editorial English summer rain for Zeum Magazine just deepened my feelings for Nishe photographs. It captures everything I love about raindrops; dreaminess, romance and liberation.


Unknown said...

Very dreamy and inspiring photos.
So cool you led me to her images.

little henry lee said...

i had the same confusion over the photography and the clothes on asos, but both are just beautiful!


Valerie EnrĂ­quez said...

Absolutely beautiful selections as always. Those photographs are beyond dreamy. The photo of braids is perfect x

Anonymous said...

there is such an ethereal quality to these pictures, they just whisk you away to another world :)