01 August 2012

fall to couture

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To please never satisfied critics, brand’s clients and to maintain the vision of the brand that couture supports, all at the same time, it’s not an easy task at all. Considering that most of members of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture are also creators of ready to wear, and some of the resort or capsule collections, it’s not an easy job to satisfy themselves, at the end. Dissatisfaction can be a very good drive, but everyone with creative job understands a complexness of creativity especially when deadlines and pressures are in the game. Week of Haute Couture that has always been fashion’s great carrousel of excitement brings also the great errand that your ride has to be the one that will create fireworks of thrill. The one that is familiar with creation of excite is Herr Karl, just like Mademoiselle Chanel in her time was. Lavish ensembles are usually spiced up with iconic models plus the model of the moment, which is currently Lindsey Wixson. Started with pretty seriousness, and all the functional ways of tweed, he spreads the word of immortality of classical Chanel. Unlike the others, he doesn’t have to search inspiration out there, when he has loads of it in his own garden. His remakes of classical Chanel pieces will never become boring. And he won’t ever be afraid to show them in modern way. Accessorized with 1940s snoods, scarves tied in pussy bow and sparkly hosiery, his clothes always have the story to tell. Different from they work they are doing for Valentino house last few seasons, were couture ideas of Chiuri and Piccoli that diminished previous age of innocence. Between aesthetic blue gowns they explored the history of Garavani’s work, but also went to time of brocade.  They filled our eyes also with lavish red and sparkly outfits that were extravagant in every detail, from velvet appliqués to fur inserts. Always interesting Alexis Mabille had a great affair with caftan and made all the shiny gowns for all magic workers and small creatures that unnoticeably surround us. With extravagance of couture, somehow you start to believe that there’s a thin line between beauty and ugliness. So is it hard to create feelings of excitement in little children of fashion again and again? Certainly it is. And with all the complexity of cultural and social changes in creating of a mode today, it takes more than just clothes to experience that fervent and obsessive side of fashion show.


Maria said...

You collages are always so lovely! This one is especially cool, I love all of the latest couture collections.
xx Maria

Fleur said...

I really, really like Valentino! and here it looks amazing again!

Nana said...

I had never thought about that! poor designers XD your collage looks beautiful, I liked the "model moments" :))

Anonymous said...

creativity can be such a double-edged sword, luckily we have Karl Lagerfelds in the world you manage to overcome this season after season. the constant reinvention is mind-blowing.