18 August 2012

the unbearable lightness of being

Bonjour my little loves, 

 Yours truly hardly survived these summer days. It was extremely hot, and this old lady really can’t stand the heat like she used to back in the days. My pale skin becomes irritated in moment, nose turns red and my hair looks like a broom. So I remind myself a bit of witch from that story when she kept looking herself in the water and felt nothing but sadness. With these past few days came a little of breeze, so there is at last some air to breathe. With the summer that is slowly slipping away I can finally enjoy the 'quiet' times of my little room where I moved before the summer. (I usually move twice a year.) So I sit there, reading books, entertained by Francoise Hardy while young Bob smiles from a peg wire. I am especially enjoying the sound that my 60s fan creates. (can you ever have it both?) Finally in one of the upcoming days, when I catch a bit of time, I will sit in front of my sewing machine and deal with old projects and start new ones (I bought a book with patterns from 1960s). This summer, except one floral top (on the photo) I sewed, I wasn’t seamstress at all. But I need to confess I am very pleased with this little garment I made. It supposed to be dress at first, but because of the lack of the fabric it became very lovely summer top. At the end of the day, as the hand on the old clock moves on and I prepare for my dreamland, I am longing for the autumn days. When the first rain comes, I will put on my dancing shoes and slip away. And won’t feel anymore 'Stephanie says'. 
Have a pretty weekend.

Adieu; I embrace you tenderly. 
Votre misslikey


Anonymous said...

these photos are so lovely! those marc jacobs shoes are to die for!
X jane


Gypsy Gardens said...


Unknown said...

ne znam šta mi je ljepše u ovom postu, naslov, divne fotke još divnijeg dreamy mjestašca ili prelijep tekst. sve što mogu je reći jedno oh, jedno aaaahhh i jedno- želim sve to!

Aileen Kim said...

super love your sewing project. It is indeed such a lovely top. Am sure it would have been a great dress if you had enough fabric. It is quite the contrary here in my country. We've been experiencing nonstop rain for weeks now. Anyhoo, hope this sweltering heat won't give you much of a prob anymore. Ciao bella!

Nana said...

How cute! "your lover bob" hahah XD I can't believe you move twice a year! That just seems like so much work haha. I miss sewing too, but your top did turn out lovely! :))

Christian said...

nice nice.

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little henry lee said...

pretty top! that's great that you made it yourself, i'd love to learn how to sew, i would be able to make so many things!!


Valerie Enríquez said...

Ohh myy. So much pretty in one post. I can't believe you made that top! You are so talented! I love the idea of having tangible mood boards, instead of just the internet type. Either way, you collect the loveliest images. Those MJ shoes were made from my dreams and I too can't wait for Autumn x

Unknown said...

pretty photos! i love the heat. i am almost always cold and just really come to life when it's hot.
i don't burn either, my skin loves the sun.
Sending you some ice cubic thoughts and hope you can cool down.

Emily Peebles said...

Your writing is beautiful! I adore Francoise Hardy and am looking forward to the autumnal months as well. I can't believe you sewed that top! It is lovely x