11 September 2012

Jill Stuart; timeline

With New York fashion week that for two days will be behind us, and all the showcased clothed that will try to make our summer of 2013 wonderful, most of us are already living in the next year. Fashion is all about the future, since is all the time about the lust. To move away for a little from this tendency of living for the future times, we need sometimes to reflect on the past. So little timelines that I am going to post in the future times here, will serve us hopefully as useful reminders of what these loves of ours have been doing in past seasons. Maybe this will answer our queries of ability to create lust in us while keeping us as their fans. Jill Stuart, except few getaways to edge, is the designer that has been eminent source for our feminine ways of dressing up. For spring 2013, Jill continues with taking us on the path of a lace, which we quite like. Not only that she went once again on the known territory of white lace that is great summer friend, she explores the new ways of black. But black just couldn’t deal with the impressive good old white, because except for the typical and safe romance that white lace brings, Jill brought a strong vibe of confidence into her ensembles. Blouses with delicate nets and ruffle collars, still can offer a lot to grown up woman. Silky trench coat with four pockets is kind of a statement piece that just waits for some movie heroin to pick it up from a chair. With a breeze of Hollywood that Stuart brought to New York and all those lavish silk pieces that are indicating glamorous summer for next year, we are happy to set confidence on its right place; to our closet.
While remembering previous collections from Jill Stuart, I believe that brand has ability to create science of happiness while maintaining that dazzling desire in us. Always the same? No. Related? Yes! Too much to reveal and leave us without a lust for next season? No. That brings us to conclusion that middle is not boring. At all.

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Nana said...

jill stuart is the cutest! I loved your timeline too :)) what a great idea.

little henry lee said...

this is a great overview of her designs, she has made some really beautiful dresses!

little henry lee

Anet said...

Ohh, wow! Just excited photo.chic:)

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