12 October 2012

where the wild things are

After exploring the path of perfect knitted garment, we went through the chapter of cute little things such as bows or thousands of little hearts and dots. We were also examining the shape of pearls, therefore we came to conclusion that beaded knitted cardigans or jumpers are enough playful, but with a serious dose of glamour. On some other days, we were bedazzled with flowers from the wreaths (just remember Givenchy mohair pullover last year and obsessions it caused). After Burberry Prorsum's Autumn / Winter 2012 owl motif jumpers, Indiana Joneses of fashion and their followers came back to thrift shops to locate their hunts. And we love either patterned little creatures or those that come as appliqués. Peter Jensen, besides past sweet animal collaboration with Urban Outfitters, has always been a man that lived where the wild things are. As the before-the-trend-designer, Jensen’s unisex rabbits and foxes are already classical secret of chic couples. This little-creatures-fever offers dozens of ideas for DIYs, so if you are kind of creature that is hobby lover, you can get appliqués in textile stores and stitch them to your plain jumpers. Adorable are those Fifi Lapin appliqués, which are available for just £ 2.99. For edgier state of minds, it would be useful information that JW Anderson did collaboration with Topshop that’s all about bats and ghosts on jumpers. 
And when it comes to novelty sweaters, girl just cannot defend against the charm of Bella Freud’ s quirky graphics and slogans on basic garments. After classic Ginsburg is a God, there is another jumper from Bella’s factory that has a potential to become a star; Jane jumper that celebrates love of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. It’s not exactly animal jumper, but romantic love per se could easily fit in the form of our headline; Where the wild things are.

Collage info: Peter Jensen rabbit and fox jumpers here; Yumi owl red jumper, Jane jumper from Bella Freud;  Fifi Lapin appliqués from My Fabric House; Asos rabbit bag


Katie Frank said...

all these stuff are so lovely! totally love it.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Am totally into these sweaters at the moment. Love love love em. Love also what Burberry did for the prefall collection and the sweatshirts Kenzo did. Cool trend! :-)


Nana said...

what a perfect post! love everything :))

little henry lee said...

i love the owl and fox jumpers, they're so cute! and the fifi lapan applique patches are a wonderful idea.

little henry lee

Satin and Souffles said...

Such gorgeous things! I may have to get that journal xx