25 October 2012

Ysterike crush

Ysterike is charming and young French label, founded by designer Sarah Lespagnol in 2010. Lespagnol, graduated designer/pattern maker when started Ysterike was inspired by memories she collected on her route from India to Italy, so that’s probably the right explanation of label’s vivacious spirit. Therefore, brand claims it’s the serious style that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Experimenting with cutouts and by bringing edgier elements of retro to girly silhouette, brand gives fresh and innovative vision of sweet fashion. So, we are very willing to add Ysterike to circle of quirky labels where Vivetta or Lady Petrova reign, to become our permanent shopping address. Not that we diminished our Victoriana or granny ways, but from time to time we would love to add a bit of quirkiness on our racks. And have them ready for the times of love, parties, fun and the night.


Emily Peebles said...

How pretty! It's certainly charming and quirky. I love all the velvet, and of course the detachable collars.

Valerie EnrĂ­quez said...

Wow I see quite a few garments that I wish I could wear! That dress with the bow at the waist is gorgeous!! You have the best eye :)

Katie Frank said...

it's so inpiring, i wish i could have everything <3

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty collage, as always! I will have to look at this label, it seems so very whimsical and unique! Thank you for introducing this. Hope you have a lovely day.
Xo Jane