28 December 2012

Illustration file; Loulou Androlia

Once upon a time, lovely Loulou used to make prettiest collars embroidered with stars and moons and finest bows and lingerie that only princesses wear. 
Today, Loulou Loves You is still creating her floral headbands to wrap our heads with little sparkles that flowers spread. Except she is designer and Reiki healer, exceptional Loulou Androlia is also very talented illustrator that creates magic with her pen. Her drawings are cheerful, pretty and magical. Just like the life. 
Loulou loves you, we seriously love you!


Ivana Split said...


Loulou said...

Aw thankyou!
Loulou xo

Katie Frank said...

oh wow, she's so talented *_* love it.

Blackie and Blondie said...

divota :)))