22 March 2013

Charles Anastase Pre-Fall 2013

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When Charles Anastase stopped showing collections back in the 2011, he made a lot of his devoted fans sad. Charles Anastase is a man who not just understands fashion or shape of female body, but he also is a great connoisseur of history and heritage of fashion. Therefore, Charles is one of those visionaries who will be ahead of his time as a designer, even if he borrows from the past. There are not many designers today with quality of this kind.
Now that his Pre-Fall 2013 collection is here, pretentiously named Fashionably Late, we can state without sounding pretentious that season of 2012 was boring without Charles Anastase shows and lookbooks. Charles Anastase Pre-Fall 2013 came as a tidbit for grown-up girls with the souls of the schoolgirls. There’s no designer that does better garments with girly appeal in this way and this sophisticated manner. If Charles’s girl is a schoolgirl, she attends private institution and no matter she is a dreamer, she is very intelligent with refined and grown-up style.
With this aristocratic approach towards clothing, Charles doesn’t make mistakes neither in tailoring nor in design. With Charles, everything is always in the right place. For pre-fall, Charles is playing again with volumes and whether it’s a pinafore, jacket, skirt or a top, he creates a silhouette that stays in your head for quite a long time. He’s also flirting with peplum on the hem of the tops to create a soft and elegant silhouette sometimes consisting of A line skirt, sometimes of trousers.
Definitely, he’s not one of those designers that will put on the winter runaway swimsuit or dress made of summery fabric. That practical side of dressing up is another thing that makes a great designer. Plus ability to give the tender appeal to autumn or winter attire and keep everything sophisticated.
Charles really has it all.


Anne said...

Gosh, this is fashion! I just descovered your blog and I love it so much! Keep up the good work girl <33333
Love, Anna


AVY said...

Some elegant styles there, love the shoes.



little henry lee said...

i love this collage of his collection, he's an amazing designer and he creates such beautiful things!

little henry lee

Kati said...

Love the pretty pastel colours!


Unknown said...

Lovely dresses!
Nice collection by CHARLES ANASTASE Designer. I liked the shoes especially.