11 April 2013

March diary on Instagram

☂Healthy breakfast including fresh fruit is of extreme importance for me. ☂In March there was just one rainy day that was enough warm for my vintage mint trench coat. ☂I am the March baby. I’ve recently found out that number 1 represents the Sun. ☂There’s nothing better than white hosiery on pale T-bar or Mary Jane flats.

♣I love men who bring flowers. Especially when flowers are tulips. ♣I deeply appreciate vintage blue dresses with trim detail. I found this baby that I named Renoir dress on flea market 2 years ago.♣ This self-portrait was taken right after my haircut. My hair grows like crazy. ♣Being freelancer can be amazing. But it can be tricky sometimes because I can lose focus easily. That’s why I love my Frankie Daily Journal- It makes hard things lovely.

☂I bought this floral dress in charity shop not long ago with intention to alter it. It was huge and wide so I created new waistline and made a little scalloped collar.☂March was also time of moving to another apartment. I move a lot. It was 12th time in 10 years that I am moving.☂This month I finally opened my etsy store named Little Cloth Girl where I am selling vintage looking drawstring bags and tote bags. In future, I would like to make clothes, but we will see what life will bring. ☂On one cloudy day in March, I found this children story book on flea market. Book is illustrated by Jiří Trnka who was a Czech puppet-maker, illustrator, motion-picture animator and film director.

♣I found on the flea market this burgundy beret and I adore it beeacuse it’s very large. ♣0n 8th of the month was International Women’s Day. I am very proud to be a female. ♣When moving chaos was finally over, I spend one day in shorts and my cozy polka dot sweater reading Wuthering Heights. ♣And yes, I received a first order for my etsy shop; I was so happy and the drawstring bag I sold was one of my favorite bags I ever made. I hope it will bring pretty times to my costumer.


Katie Frank said...

I love your Instagram. It's so inspiring and so relaxing, I don't know why.
I just wish I had such treasures like you.
Where do you find such lovely stuff?!


Emily Peebles said...

I just love your Instagram! I agree with you that you cannot go wrong with white tights and T-straps--one of my favorite combinations! And I'm proud to be female, too :-) Women's Day was a wonderful day indeed!