02 May 2013

April Journal Part I

☂I bought this vintage black dress embroidered with gold thread few months ago on vintage fair and I absolutely adore it. I wear it with black loafers and grey frilly knee socks or extremely high platform heels. ☂My room at parent’s house adorned with lilac blooms. It’s my only constant place until I find my own spot under the sun. Sometimes I get so tired of rented apartments and moving around. ☂Bob Dylan inspires me a lot. This outfit is inspired by Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie, which is my personal pray. ☂I truly appreciate the goodness of sage plant. I love its fragrance and healing powers it has. I also appreciate good book and cup of coffee. ☂Another still of my room. This vintage pale blue pajama dress with fringes has been in my closet last 5 years. 

☂My precious bicycle under magnolia tree. Bicycle rides and Francoise Hardy’s chansons really make me happy during the springtime. ☂Some new things that make me happy; long-sleeved cream lace top and high-wasted undies. (Bought at H&M.) ☂I try to use my “lazy time” for learning. I love history of fashion. I want to soak all the knowledge of our rich human culture. ☂My bunny flats (that are copy of Charlotte Olympia’s kitty flats) I bought from Asos last September and I still adore them.


Unknown said...

amazing april moodboard! so girly and fine!

Katie Frank said...

your life is like a dream :)


Laila said...

So lovely and conjures up lovely images

illustration poetry said...

loooove the vintage dress! <3 <3 <3