05 May 2013

April Journal Part II

☂I feel in love with these dolls I saw on the antique market one April Sunday. ☂My “tea shelf” is getting bigger and bigger every day.☂Spring stars; Tulips, Smena, Mansfield Park and Earl Grey black tea with bergamot flavor. I found recently on the flea market this gorgeous sweater with embroidered tulips and I absolutely adore it. ☂I currently live in the city of Zagreb which in the springtime is like gorgeous walking museum adorned with clouds and blooms. This is my favourite building. ☂I just can’t help myself; I am really obsessed with granny underwear

☂Pinafores are my thing. I could wear them every day. ☂I bought this children’s tea set for my niece. She always says; “I want to drink tea from floral porcelain like my aunt.” She is real petite Mademoiselle and she was absolutely thrilled when she saw these antique Altrohlau pink porcelain cups. ☂ This denim dress and saddle bag are my spring uniform. It was old Topshop men's shirtdress from my edgy phase. I cut the narrow collar off, created waist and shortened the sleeves. Added heart buttons and little bow on new neckline et voila! ☂You might have already noticed that I have a thing for vintage brooches. Wondering when I will start to sleep in them. Haha

Hope you are ready for Monday and new week, darlings!
Au revoir


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Katie Frank said...

Well, I must say I love all these photos, so beautiful... And I'm also in love with your sweater <3