15 May 2013

The Fairytale of LES'

In the world where the word innovation isn’t something that we hear every day and where the boring became synonym for most of the fashion made by our contemporaries, showed up a girl that is everything but boring.
Her name is Lesia Paramonova, and she is young Russian designer that loves world of the storybooks, flowers, and wild creatures that she incorporates in the world of her label LES' to create enchanting fairytales of fashion.
I came across her work few months ago by accident on tumblr where I was left breathless by her lookbooks and clothes that look like they are made for fairies. Her collection for upcoming fall season is certainly fairy-like and shows enormous talent for tailoring, patterns and great approach for using of the fabric.
The centerpiece of LES' Autumn Winter 2013 Collection is many times underrated, but very great for expression; the uniform. LES’s uniform is the uniform of Soviet school student reinterpreted in very modern and sophisticated way. From the start point of uniform, she creates overalls and pinafores adorned with the huge bows in prints that look like they are hand drawn with pencil. She has the great feeling for volume and the unusual detailing so yellowish jumper has the perfect volume, knee socks are embellished with tulle bows, and high-waisted shorts that from the back look like skirt are adorned with little pockets.
She sees winter in glitter, so the coat has a shimmery appearance and the satchel of her Russian schoolgirl is glittery pink. The prints she used for collection feature motifs from nature that together create such a beautiful surreal garden. And on the long dress that looks like it popped up from futuristic Victorian Artistic Dress Movement she added contrasting oversized bows on the shoulders while model wears one already on her head.
Too much bows? To be honest, never enough of them! Well done Lesia, we say in anticipation to see more of the fashion fairytales from the LES'. The world you imagined for us is real. We really are your fans!

Isn't Les's lookbook enchanting? What do you think? 
See more at Lesia Paramonova Tumblr


Katie Frank said...

this is such beautiful, lovely and touching post <3 i belive in fairy tales <3


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