13 May 2013

The Great Obsession; The Great Gatsby

I won’t lie that I am utterly obsessed with Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby even I haven’t seen the film yet. Besides we are longing to see Miss Carey Mulligan in the role of little fragile teaser Daisy Buchanon, our eyes are hungry for costumes and the glamour that we were deprived of in these years of recession.
Costumes for the movie are created by Miuccia Prada who worked with costume designer Catherine Martin to create more than 40 roaring ensembles embroidered with beads, crystals, trims, velvet, fur and fringes. Hair designer for the movie is Kerry Warn who created a semi-shingle bob for Cary, which was high at the back like Eton Crop and bit longer at front, adorned with bob pins that were popular in 1920s. From the photos and stills we saw, the flickering shades of emerald jade, topaz and gold look perfect on society flapper Daisy. Well Daisy was a flapper, but not in true meaning of the word. Flapper craved to be equal with post Edwardian selfish man and androgyny was in service of doing men’s jobs and wearing comfortable clothes. Daisy is just one of the society girls who we can shallowly describe with Bob Dylan’s words the ones who jump on the wagon just for a while cause they know it’s in style.
If it’s to believe to scholars real life Daisy was 16-year-old upper class Chicago girl Ginevra King, Scott’s first love. Two years these two were partying around New York social scene and she was a wealthy flirt who was looking for something deeper only when tired of parties. 

"New York, 1922. The tempo of the city had changed sharply. The buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper." 

To leave bygone times were they belong, in this Gatsby craziness we are testifying these days, you get the slight feeling that someone is telling us that hunger for wealth is okay and that recessions days are behind us. 
Could we substitute the year of 1922 with 2013? Even just for a moment? 
Therefore, what are the clothes that will be worn and what are the drinks that will be drunk these days? Brooks Brothers who worked together with Martin and Prada on the film launched their collection for Gatsby-esque man, Olympia le Tan already has a clutch with the book cover that costs more than thousand pounds and it’s sold out by now at et-a-porter. 
Two days ago, Wall Street Journal blog is demonstrating how to make an official Moët Imperial Gatsby cocktail, Harrods has launched Great Gatsby inspired cocktail bar while Fisher Island Club launched Gatsby themed “Great Getaway”. And at Tiffany site for $ 200 you can buy your Daisy headpiece that Carey wore in the movie. 
For the moment or more moments we are going to dedicate our life to “the service of a vast, vulgar, and meretricious beauty.” Seems that it’s true that money makes the world go round. 

What are your thoughts of the movie? Are you excited to see it?


Unknown said...

Beautiful clutch! I'm also so excited for this film. Interesting about the basis for Daisy I didn't know that! X


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, can't wait to see it! Love the collage and text!

Evgenia said...

Oh, how much I understand you! I had also been obsessed with the film even before I watched it this Saturday. Everything is amazing about "The Great Gatsby"- the actors, the soundtrack, the atmosphere and of course the costumes and interiors! I was so much impressed that decided to go on Sunday again but unfortunately didn't have time so I'm going to see it for the second time next week:) Thank you for this wonderful and interesting post and for the collage- can't help looking at it again and again;)