10 June 2013

SWEET TREAT; Petites Cabines de Plage

Oh, I have to share with you darlings this lovely new thing that comes from Ladurée; the Little Beach Huts. 
Petites Cabines de Plage are little boxes in beach huts shape with desserts in it. 
For June, the Raspberry Little Beach Huts are made of white almond biscuit filled with light Madagascar vanilla cream and raspberries. It sounds but it also looks delicious. Don’t you think? 
This lovely Ladurée novelty reminds us of lazy summer days spent on beach in chic stripes and sunnies-covered eyes. If we could only take this box with us to the seaside! 

p.s. Also I would like to share with you one more cool thing;
At the British Library is currently set up of an exhibition called Propaganda: Power and Persuasion This is the first exhibition to explore international state propaganda from the 20th and 21st centuries. 
Exhibition is open till 17 Sep 2013. 


Unknown said...

Everytime something gorgeous comes out of Laduree I only wish I could go there more! This product is the sweetest little thing

Emily Peebles said...

Ah! How cute! I'll definitely keep an eye out for this next time I'm at Ladurée :-)

little henry lee said...

this is so cute and looks so delicious! i'll admit i've only ever eating macarons from laduree and not any of their other desserts but these look delicious too.

little henry lee

Katie Frank said...

It looks so yummiii!