27 September 2008

totallymisslikey is my 1st baby :)

Creating a blog..I'm tryin this for long...ooooo believe me loooong time. It was on the most of my to-do-lists. And I was always like emmmm..There are already so many fashion blogs that smtms I call the entire www  fashibloggon. Why to start your own when you can read the others (okay officially name for that is laziness) and would anyone  even read me? 

Why totallymisslikey is born?

The main reason for that is to get Moi published..absolutely love for the zzzz feeling to own smthn that looks flashy.

What is totallymisslikey?

Totallymisslikey is not blog..nonono..Totallymisslikey is  fashion diary for asolutely chicobsessed girls and all  boys that feel the same. Totallymisslikey is guide of inspiration.

What that little girl needs?

YOU to read me!!!! And  maybe help me find a job in fashion industry (read: Vogue). That totally makes you a good person:)) So  Fashibloggon me!!

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