28 September 2008

Miss Golightly's diary

Damn I’m about to become one of those awfully glamorous girls that are watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s all day long. Is that bad thing?! Hmmm. Since Holly Golightly is absolute role model I don't see sin in that. Misslikey's first diary is dedication to Lula Mae.

There’s no reason why every girl shouldn’t be adorable Miss Golightly. Even for few bucks. Here’s the thing. First time Carrie the role model Bradshaw bought a necklace on market, second hand became new haute couture. When it comes to washed look there’s something magical about it. Or is that just my latest vintage postcard look obsession?!  

Anyway...valuable fashion formula is; to be broke= to be chic. Poverty is totally new fashion obsession. I'm always saying money doesn’t count, well except for Alaias dress J

Holly list includes: cigarette pants (even leggings would fit), round neck shirt or boyfriend oversized sweater. Only condition is to be skinny. And clutch with a chain. No! Don’t be snobbish. Not a Chanel. One of those tiny vintage clutches. Even I can borrow you that. I got one from London. That little lady is Gucci and it’s so sticky that smtms I have fear that Aladin would come out if I touch it more than few times.  Bag for 1 pound. That kind of love I call a Portobello Love!!! I think Audrey would share my opinion. She was totally modest. So steal your granny’s pearls and get a tee from grandpa if he was skinny.

p.s. When u get tired of kissing some Paul Varjak put your sleep mask and close the door. To be absolutely chic specially if u have loud roommates (like me and they’ll read this and get mad J) you need to get earplugs. Girl’s gotta have some beauty sleep smtms! Alone!!!!

 p.i.s.s when I was creating a polyvore set I tried to find cheaper things. But I think Audrey  would definitely fall for this Jimmy Choo Chrissie Clutch. Only $1,995.00. J

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