29 September 2008

Zip it up…….all you gotta do is zip it up!!!!

Zips are visible again?!
Oh, if you are old like me, well lady’s not supposed to reveal her age, but anyway;You reminisce of 90-ties?! All that dance and fabrics that misslikey totally no likey. Leave synthetics rest in peace but you should totally look out for your old clothes with zippers. Cause they are back again!! As little misslikey I used to play pull game with zipper so it was broken on every shirt and skirt. Fortunately for me, cause I hated them. But my mum didn’t. Okay don’t play the pull over game if you are over 19. It’s not a lady thing at all. And it's too expensive.

Who does it? Misslikey’s officially opinion is that Alexander the Great Wang well remembers of those metal zippers on every second wardrobe item. In Fall collection they are everywhere; on the front of the skirts, tops, even on shoes and pants.

Who did this before the A. W ? We saw it on Chloé dresses for Fall 2007 RTW.

Still available on net-a-porter.com

Who wants zippers in summer?

Check out Narcisco Rodriguez SS 2009 RTW

So girls, misslikey is saying ZIPPPPPPP IT UP! I put some combinations of adorable Wang skirt on Polyvore. Basically it can be paired with anything. Love this TopShop Love my bones Tee. And don’t remember. Only excuse to have broken zipper on Wang’skirt is clumsy boyfriend (read Geek)

p.s. If your old zipper skirt is in Charity now, like mine, maybe you should try to find it in second hand. It’s great possibility that was even yours J

p.i.s.s. Please DO NOT PVC unless If u are not fashionista with experience. Instead chic you’ll look sick.

BE CAREFUL with white. If you go too tight, only guys you will attract are guys from nursing home. Only because they will confuse you for nurse. Just Google zip dress and you’ll see.

I told yaaaa. Till next time Misslikey is saying bye bye!!

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