08 October 2008

Halston dream

Misslikey sometimes when she puts her satin sleep mask on eyes has a dream. Can you keep a secret?! Psssst... I’m in 70 ties and I live in spacious studio apartment in old factory with one of those open elevators (seen in Bon Jovi video Always and Flashdance).  I am dancer and actress but I am paying my bills as waitress. The moment night falls I am becoming one of those new york party girls with absolutely flawless hair. I am dancing in Studio 54 wearing pefect sleeky, sexy jersey dress and my best friend is  Mr. Halston.

Except Misslikey could sleep for ages if this could be her only dream and is girl with very luxurious imagination, she has opinion that every fabulous girl that cares about herself should posses Halston dress in her closet. Misslikey is beyond passionate for vintage Halston...You have one?! Then you are Park Avenue princesses and I envy you. Your family friend is Rachel good fairy Zoe and she can borrow it whenever you ask for it?! I still envy you. You should be thankful because you are born under really lucky lucky star.

Well, since  misslikey likes to think that everyone is born under his lucky star so don’t be jealous on other people (that is really a bad bad energy)...Instead she suggests you to make some money (paper, please baby). Then find out where’s the nearest place to buy your Halston dress or jumpsuit. Cause items from Spring 2009  collection of relaunched Halston  are also ageless buys (even fashionistas collection reviews are divided)

Maybe you think that moneymaking is terrible shallow act?!

Then you can raise money for the fund Save xxx's (put your name there) fashion soul. 


Misslikey’s reasons to own ageless Halston jumpsuit or dress even if you aren’t every evening MET’s or Sotheby’s social bee;

1. If for any reason you ever feel dispirited wear your Halston and get into the cab. Drive all night and have a discussion with cab driver about the sense of life. You can be awfully charming and even manipulate him to put on Vanessa’s Paradise Joe le Taxi.  If Mr. Cab driver isn’t cute you can sing to him your own version even if you only do french with boys and on your nails (which is totally passé..nails of course, not kissing, silly you :))

2. If for any reason some evil guy ever breaks your heart; reserve for solo beyond expensive hotel room, wear Halston and drink Veuve Clicqout with cute personnel. Pay with his credit card. Don’t forget to take free cosmetic samples for your ex sweetheart because the day after he will be broke (girl’s gotta be a good person). And please be Nanny Fine and store that mini bar into your bag!!

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