17 October 2008

On the edge of the runaway I

Before misslikey starts with summer trends she thinks it would be quite nice to show people on the edge of the runaway. Despite the fact that I am little late ;)
Anyway, I have enigma question for you...They wear glasses. They are awfully glamorous. They are awfully having a great time. And all of them are now on misslikey’s audition!! Yes, they are Fashionistas… don’t you think that it would be pretty cruel not to mention them?
So, who wear what where?NYC...awfully glamorous on the one and on the other side trashy. What misslikey likes this year is how everyone paid attention on details. Am I just tripping or it seems to me that Voguettas have all the similar shoes? You tell me cause now you can enlarge photos on Misslikey. What else to say except Moi is totally becoming Nikola Tesla.( meaning = praying to GOD that this will work)

Paris is always about that chic that only French people know so fashionistas are way different when they are spining there. It was very simple even when was extravagant (disco ballerinas were very very popular this year). I swear, sometimes I just yell at God cause I am not French.

In London they are absolutely charming like always. Obligatory Peaches stockings (ripped stockings- expression that found its inspiration in Peaches Geldof…invented by my friend F)

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Tina said...

misslikey, totally black minnie skirt inspired! wearing it second day already!

Unknown said...

you have a great blog too! great pic of daisy lowe!

Anonymous said...

nice blog i odlicna ideja..me like:))