03 December 2008

Smart literature, smart movies, male hairstylists and gorgeous hair…le relation?!

Good friend of misslikey likes to say when somebody doesn’t understand fashion or chic Leave’em alone, they probably don’t read smart literature! Well, guess what, besides smart books there are also smart movies.
You probably thought that Miss Moss parties every night till dawn?! That is a major wrong answer. That girl also has a popcorns night! How misslikey knows?! Simply. Because when last year Kkkkatie put Scarface into her DVD player we heart her even more. Though we would probably adore her even if she has the bold phase like a Britney MadScissors Spears. Leave Brit to enjoy Sinead’O’Connor videos, lets talk about misslikey’s obsessions. From my point of view there are Four hair styles that every girl should know about and consider them as style lessons.

1.IN A MEMORY OF CAROLYN BESSETTE KENNEDY: ˝You wouldn't believe the dedication it takes to be a gorgeous, flaxen-haired, dermatologically perfect New York girl with a life that's fabulous beyond belief. Honestly, it all requires a level of commitment comparable to, say, learning Hebrew or quitting cigarettes.˝ You have read smart literature like Bergdorf Blondes?!
2.ANNY CLASSY..I would definitely go to hell if Anna Wintour is Lucifer that unlocks the doors. Cause the women has no doubts in herself obviously. And she never gets bored. Obviously. Obviously it is really possible.
3.WAVY HAIR ..We absolutely heart it for the last couple of years. We wear it smooth in the winter, messy in the summer. Worshiping Daria Werbovy. Why? Cause that girl was one of the first that started all waves era. Is it strange that she is French Vogue’s cherie?!
4.SCARFACE STORY from above and its impact as a smart movie that is not only for boys who are trying to get into the mafia but for the chic girls

Enough about them, let's talk about my hairdresser!
Misslikey has a very strange opinion that every girl deserves to have two boys in her life and they need to be awfully cute and loyal; dentist and hairstylist. And Misslikey is thankful to have them both. Since I fell in love in my hairstylist's hands he remained the only man who is allowed to touch my hair. And every time is like the first time. I get tingles attack. Hey, don’t be like that. I m not saying femme hairdressers are bad. But you are actually aware that She cannot be cute like Javier Bardem. Well. Now read carefully. Either you are a) hair bisexual b) hair straight you really need to put her/ him on the test. Reasons are the next
1.For those who had bad experiences from their past life : every time you get out of his hands your first reaction is that you just want to show THAT hair to all of THOSE horrible people that didn’t understand and tortured your head and you want really really scream at them.
2.Girl's gotta be practical; You didn’t see him/her for months and your hair still looks like: Enough about you, please let’s talk about my hair now
3.When he suggests something you just say whatever and you don’t have doubts in the meaning of that word
4.When you realize you really miss him. And your hair really hurts then
5.You think he has sacred hands

If you can relate to these statements misslikey congratulates you. You have found THE ONE. Don’t change him. Don't doubt. Don’t be stingy. Sale doesn’t count when it comes to your hair. What is more important except what you have in your head than what you have on your head?! Don’t let anyone persuades you in opposite cause you are the one that is going to walk out of the doors every morning with smile on the lips. Because we learned from previous experiences that can be easy tear in your eyes. Be stingy with the tissues not with you hair.
p.s. this last was a dedication to my hairstylist. I had to do that. Really really. Those who found THE ONE will understand me. I know they will.
I hope he won’t read this. Cause he might seek restraining order from court...so pssst cause we don’t want misslikey to end up in jail. Boys aren’t probably cute as in Prison Break
p.i.s.s. I was about to make post about hair for SS 09 in march but p.s reason constrained misslikey to make a decision. If for any reason she ends up in jail she wants that her readers still have a scoop on the new trends and beyond beautiful hair this spring. I know I am awfully good person. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

miss misslikey u totaly get the point...i am one of those lucky girls who suceed to find that special hairstylist in life...just keep goin..

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