06 December 2008

SHE said fringes. So let there be fringes!!!

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Guys, if you are reading this, and I know you are (coz Misslikey told me)..., anyways, no matter how much you love fashion and are trying to be trendy, avoid this one as much as you can (unless you are a Marlboro man), or you will end up looking like you're playing cowboys and Indians.
Girls, you can. In fact, this season, you MUST! According to the world's trendsetters and latest designer campaigns, spotlight on Gucci please, fringes are soooo in. In fact, they are a must have. On jackets, dresses, and mostly on handbags, and what's best on – boots! Make sure to get a pair of suede fringed boots and you will wear them all winter long (ok, not when it's snowing, for their sake) and all the way through the spring. There are plenty of models to choose from – from the over knee to the ankle ones; flats or high heeled, in all shades.
According to Gucci, you should match your skinny jeans and the over the knee fringed boots. Lower boots should be paired with an etno dress, and don't forget a belt with studs. Queen Kate wears her fringed boots all year long, with skinny jeans during winter and shorts and bare legs during summer.
OK,THE BAG. Fringed bag goes with absolutely everything and IS appropriate to wear during the day and during night out. Anyways who cares what time of day it is when it comes to your favorite bag?! Suede or leather, they have crowded the stores ever since the Prada Napa Fringe Hobo from the spring/summer '07 collection. Even the classic Chanel bag got its own fringes this season.

The seventies' hippy look was the logical follow up after the sixties dresses that ruled runways last few years. In always shiny L.A., the Hollywood girls (read Nicole Ritchie) are wearing fringed gladiator sandals with flowered pattern dresses. For those who have to deal with cold – dare to wear long floral dress and match it with a fringed jacket.
Besides Gucci, fringes can be found in the newest Etro, Lanvin, Miu Miu collections, in fact it is harder to find a fringe free collection. Even Balmain has them, which is awfully surprising, yet great. Sienna 'the boho resurrectionist' Miller wore Balmain dress made of fringes alone to the premiere of her film The Edge of Love, and matched it with a black bowler hat. Some called it crazy, but I say it's a thin line between crazy and genius. As thin as a fringe.
I firmly believe that everything is allowed in love, war and fashion, still beware how you mix and match. If you've decided to go with fringes, leave your checked shirt at home or you will look as you just came back from tour d'Texas. Same goes for cowboy boots.
And remember – dose your fringes. You can wear fringed jacket, fringed bag and fringed boots, just not all at once or you'll be sentenced to 20 years of fashion jail. And they wear stone washed jeans and a matching shirt there!


Anonymous said...

found you site over misterwong... but one question do you have twitter or facebook, where i can be connected with you blog...? thanks

misslikey said...

my twitter: @misslikey