16 December 2008

misslikey's december candy shop pt.II

"Candy shop." Okay, Officially Moi’s becoming 50 cent. Don't prosecute me fifty, I'm not lil wayne. We are just shoppers. Window shoppers.
And in december window, cozy and warm sweater is very desirable item(my favourite is isle patterned) Reason? When you get tired of dressing (do we ever get tired of dressing?) just roll in your beauty and watch Christmas movies or make out with awfully cute boys. No, misslikey's not a pimp, Girl's gotta relax from time to time. That's all.
Our timeless inspiration for cozy winter outfits is Last Christmas video by Wham, still I'm trying hard not to get too carried away. Misslikey really don't wants to look like a second hand shopgirl. And for sure we don't want to look like on temporary work in Laponia and yes, we think Marc Darcy was awfully cute when he wore that sweater mum bought for him in first part of Bridget's diary.

baby it's cold outside by misslikey

Misslikey's Christmas shopping tip: avoid malls. Rather buy in small specialized shops. You’ll feel like Santa’s little helper. Malls are very passé. They are just like boys that are available to anyone.
Misslikey’s Christmas inside beauty tip: your role model isn’t Lindsay Lohan , still you'll experiment with liquor more than usual. Beyoooond applettinies are guilty if misslikey is not so rosy next morning. Confidentally, sip water with lemon slice. If you believe in Devil's wears prada, Anna does that. Is Anna ever wrong?!

p.s. If you live in Australia for instance and you won't be able to play in snow with Santa don't be mad cause we’ll have chic sweaters. You are the one that will swim with Santa. Then Santa can see you in swimsuit ;).
p.i.s.s. Possible holiday blues When it comes to shopping I might adore second hand and items on sale but when it comes to love I'm only into haute couture. Every girl dreams of Christmas from video or movie but If you don’t have a special person to share your christmmood with be in breathtaking love with yourself, which at the end is the greatest love of all. Don’t look at me. Whitney Houston said that. Misslikey'll be happy if you enjoy holiday season. Merry Xmass to anyone that is celebrating. Take care of your fashion souls, be awfully cute and hilarious. Be loved, loveable and blessed. Still remember: only couture. xoxo


Unknown said...

baby has spacial skills ;)

Unknown said...

soo special :)