19 December 2008

MFFA...misslikey's fashion fund award

Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous but is how people dress in their off days, that is most intriguing. We fell in love with Alexander Wang in 2007. Why are we still breathless?
a)Street with influence of Haute couture is beyond cool.
b)His ability of making grunge feminine and soft makes him genius.
c)The idea that tshirt and jeans can be just as sexy and stylish as an evening gown is just revolutionary cause of its simplicity.
His muses are his Lower East Side neighbor, model Erin Wasson, and girl we absolutely adored in 2008, new Britt princess charming Alice Dellal. Britt just can scent good things. Why Alex is a good boy? Because of his statement that woman can be size 4 and experiment with size 10. My closet sometimes confuses even myself with palette of sizes that are placed there. I think sometimes I could dress 12 year old kid and the big lady that works in my bakery. So I don't expect from anyone to understand my size diversity. And those times when I am tripping beyond on what size to buy and when shopgirls are looking at Moi like she is not a normal person, I just remember of Alexander’s quote. Never mind, they don't get the HANGING THING. And with his new pre fall 09 collection Alex has unquestionably justified this year CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize.

p.s. Tell me you ain't in love with his personal style and beyond charming personality?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1sl9hpJV6Q
p.i.s.s. Is misslikey serious in this post cause she is sipping beyond Atinies (appletinies)? Maybe she has a hangover?!... Nooo..take it easy.. she is not Lohan. We are just ceremonial in a manner of special occasion. xoxo

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