20 December 2008

Loveliest ITgirl in 2008

She was wearing Burberry at the age of 1. Now she is two so she is little more mature for flirt with Pucci. Her favorite shoes are Mary-Janes. She had the don't care bob way before Kate Moss. She knows how to make the princess wave with her hand. Did Kate make a major faux pas when she name her Suri? Is the real name of this little creature Jackie Cruise?

Some call her the child without friends. She doesn't have friends? OMG, she is hanging with Beckham team?! And according to pictures, Suri looks like she is not really that into little Romeo. He is cute but she doesn't have time for that. Girl has more important things to do in her life. Like get dressed.
You can think Tom and Kate are just two weirdoes but the saddest thing in the story is that she looks smarter than them both. Doesn't she make your heart melt? We love her. She is beyond lovely and adorable. Suri, because you are so smart and through few next months you’ll probably already be able to google yourself, misslikey is saying you: keep doing your thing girl, haters are just haters and they will remain haters. Are they 2-year old and have a fan page on facebook?

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