23 December 2008

moi's private obsession

what would she wear: alicia by misslikey
Timeless inspiration: Alicia Silverstone look from Aerosmith videos cryin and crazy. I'm trying very hard to make a short post which is tres difficult for Moi. This very moment I am sending Psssst message to my brain. I should get tired of talking sometimes. But seems I don't. Well probably its just another God's ingenuity ;).Well, I'm gonna be shy with words cause picture says all. Rock it.
Inevitably to mention: What girl needs to remember when wants to copy A.L.I.C.I.A look. She needs to have very baggy tote. Heart those patterned. Like something from Indian shop. Very second hand available item (for those who want to save fashion from crisis;buy Jimmy Choo Savannah pouch bag- fringes+florals=good math, remember?) Over knees stockings and pair of converse to be really beyond cool. And wear beyond flirtaciouso smile. And make bubblegum balloons for careless look. What is next; is misslikey about to do bungee jumping and show a finger to someone?
p.s and what happened to Alicia?? We want to see her more often.
p.i.s.s. we are still committed to the memory of the clueless. Do you remember the scene when Cher went out and her dad stopped her cause she was wearing a short dress DAD: what is that? CHER: A dress, DAD: Who says that? CHER: Celvin Klein. Isn’t Cher(Alicia Silvestron)genius?

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