30 December 2008

misslikey's answer to crisis

Isn't this depressing? It is the end of the year and every second chitchat is related to crises. Yes, yes, moi too is beyond bored and shows cross sign to economy topics but it seems that we can’t avoid them. Crises here, crises there. Is the crisis in fashion then?! Please people cheer up, it's not that we gonna wear uniforms. What if there are huge sales, what if some stores are closing. What if we don’t have IT bag this year? Don’t elide the bright stuff that happened this year. Reminisce! Who thought that our shoes would be inspired by Russel Crowe's fights in Gladiator? We finally saw SATC movie. We finally had rebirth of first lady fashion icon; Carla Bruni vs. Michelle Obama. Victoria Beckham with her sold out collection gave us proof that on the end she tells us what to wear. We had Vogue’s Italia Black Issue. We heart even more indie as new fashion expression, we wear boy pants. We still adore Kate Moss, we have beyond lovely IT girls (thought Britt leads with Peaches, Pixie, Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and Allice).
And still is go anywhere Kaiser Karl everywhere (to print his own face on a bag is what makes this man genius). We remember of Renaissance of luxurious Paris as answer to crisis in October. So don't think of crisis. We still have visionaries; we still have people that breathe fashion. We still have John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Olivier Theyskens, Alber Elbaz, Nicolas Ghesquière. We still have those whose silhouettes cannot be copied and ruined by mass stores (don’t get me wrong, Moi is huuuuge fan of topshop and I still cannot believe that I wrote this but it is true and no one would admit it).

Paris Spring Summer 09
p.s. Don't forget about the creativity and expression. On the end that's what fashion is. It is the imaginary world where you can be anything you want to be. I refuse to live in a world that declines that.
p.i.s.s. 2008 is year when misslikey started and this girl feels very blessed when she receives messages of support. Knowing that people actually read this makes me all beyond cute. Where is the crisis? I don't see it. Have a very happy new year both in fashion and in your lives. And never forget to be beyond positive. Love you all.

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