01 January 2009

Lights, camera, action!

Well we will have a little scoop on Spring Summer 09 campaign ads. So we can see who is saving money and who is trying to increase the sale?
What I can tell for sure, we know why Karl Lagerfeld did the shooting in his new house in Vermont. So Kaiser can show us his beyond loyality to Coco with this beyond chic stairs in black and white.

Chanel campaign ad with beyond lovely Heidi Mount in main role, from nymag

Another very charming ad with ITgirl. Hm, we agree that Marc Jacobs is smart cause he is well-known with super powers that Daisy Lowe has.

Daisy Lowe for Marc Jacobs from frillr
Anywhere...still Miss Moss everywhere.

Versace campaign 09 with Kate and Gisele. Very smart is to rely on Kate Moss formula of sale. Photo www.fashionologie.com
And with Sasha Pivavorova for LONGCHAMP.

And who is dialing the supermodels 911?
Liya Kebede for ST JOHN

and very couture edition of Claudia Schiffer for YSL

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