24 January 2009

Cinderella story

Once upon a time there was a little girl.
She was awfully roisy, charming and innocent in the way only child (misslikey) can be.
Imaginary world was her favorite world and easiest way to pop into it was to wear mama's shoes. Since they were too big, one day little girl flipped and broke her knees. Mammy was mad but girl couldn't understand why because mammy was the one that introduced her with Cinderella story.
Maybe mum was angry just because she predicted that her daughter would one day be more likely to become a stiletto strutter rather than a prince seeker.
Recently I was asked if I am shoe collector. And I thought; OMG I don't have shoes at all. And then your girl misslikey revealed the awful truth of all truths; every girl is absolute shoe collector. Maybe you don't own100 pairs of shoes or maybe you are even E.M.O. towards them. But my friend you are a shoe collector. I'll tell you why.
First crush
I remember falling in love with a pair of shoes. Low-cut stilettos, black lace, handmade. Just perfect. First love for me and love for the sales lady with my dad cause she either thought he was either very charming or silly enough to buy snot-nosed kid so expensive shoes. What can I say? Ain't love grand?
Remember the shoes you were dying for 5 years ago? Would you wear them today? Probably no, neither would I. Who didn’t buy a pair of shoes just for certain occasion and wore them once? Maybe you own pair that you bought in second hand practically for free and you are proud of your bargain. Maybe you are one of those lucky gals that inherited pair from chic grandma. Maybe you rewarded yourself at some moment of your life with a pair shoes and they have rather emotional than chic value. That makes them part of you.
My blue suade shoes on
Beyond passé is to be depressed but beyond chic is to be melancholic sometimes. We don’t smile in every moment of our life and it wouldn’t be so interesting if we'd always have a smiiiiiile on our lips. Well except if you are taking happy pills (in that case please introduce me to them).When girl is low nothing can lift her up better than high heels. Feel of rebirth. No one can feel it for you. The me myself & moi moment.
Killer shoes
Reason we love Vivienne Westwood. She is very aware that in every girl lies a potential striper. End of story.
Status shoes
Maybe you don’t own them yet but one day I know you will. Magnifique, cause every time you look at them u think „damn I made it! “ What Birkin bag is in the in the bag world, status shoes are in the shoe world.
Lost souls
All of those shoes that you fell in love with but you waited for sale because they were too expensive. And then you felt like Cinderella’s evil sister trying to squeeze into the only pair left but it just didn’t work. And how many times you bought shoes two sizes too big, so you need a supply of cotton adequate for a beauty shop just to balance in them?
Can't take my eyes of you/can't take them off case
Are flats or heels what makes you very stabile? If you aren't in relationship with your daily shoes you aren't able to run the streets in them. But sometimes they can cause you a bad shoe day (misslikey is just upset when it’s raining outside and she wants to be all tiny and run in the flops)

p.s. and at the end every fairytale is a shoe fairytale. You cannot walk barefoot in the wonderful world of magic. Look what happened to Cinderella. Was she happy without her shoe? Aha, you thought she was after the prince, no silly you; he was just person who found her shoe.
And in the times when the world doesn’t seem to be such magical place, pair of shoes is your secret fly formula. Mary Poppins has her umbrella and every asphalt Cinderella has her shoes.
p.i.s.s. shoe queen myth does exist. And has name; Carine Roitfeld. We know jealousy isn't cool at all but hmmmm? Just wait that someone invents a little device that detects perfect shoes. It won't stop beeping when Carine is around.

And when it comes to Manolos Carine wears them beyond. These beauties below are Manolos for Christopher Kane. JAK&JIL named them as best 2008 shoes. Shoe Intelligence has name and is JAK & JIL

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